EXCLUSIVE: Kota the Friend Gets Real About His Artistry and Allegations

Hip Hop artist Kota the Friend has a distinctive creativity that is eminent in every song that he produces. Throughout his discography, Kota the Friend has designed dope records that have exhibited his transparent and self-reflective nature. 

From Madonna to Saucy Santana—The Legacy of ‘Material Girl’

Lately almost every other viral video on social media has included Saucy Santana’s snappy song Material Girl as the background music for short-video visuals. Throughout 2021 Santana’s bass-filled single was the theme song, and still remains to be in 2022, for any high-maintenance girl (or boy) that enjoys the luxurious lifestyle.

We Need The Dope New Singles That Baby Tate is Teasing on TikTok

“I’m a petty a** b***h don’t try me,” are eight words that Baby Tate, formerly known as Yung Baby Tate, is definitely living by. The hip hop artist is not the one to be played with, and will clapback at anyone who tries to downplay her or her long-standing music career.

River Tiber Finally Drops A New R&B Track, and it’s Glorious

A new serenade from the tuneful Canadian singer River Tiber is finally here. His newest single Sent from Above is enrapturing, putting anyone who listens at-risk of spiraling down a tunnel of emotions that revolve around the idea of love. Finding it, appreciating it, admiring it—that sorta thing. 

4Hunnid’s Leading Lady Day Sulan is a Hip Hop Star in the Making

The first lady of YG’s rap label 4Hunnid Day Sulan is slowly blowing up on the hip hop scene, gaining more fans with each new rap single and sexy twerk-filled performance. Transitioning from the exotic dance world into the music one, Day Sulan holds her own as a rapper, strongly standing out among other upcoming women hip hop stars.

Rico Nasty Experiences Issues While on Playboi Carti’s Tour

During the Oregon show of Playboi Carti’s King Vamp Tour on Saturday (November 13) the “Smack a B**h” rapper received a water bottle thrown at her—unprovoked by the way. Not that anyone deserves to be hit by a water bottle, but some artists wouldn’t spark any shock or care if they were to hypothetically be hit by one. But I digress.

Kota the Friend Defends His Name With Upcoming Single “Bitter”

Kota the Friend finally speaks out against abuse allegations in his latest song “Bitter.” The 29-year-old rapper divulged his side of the story, explaining that he wasn’t the “aggressor” in his past relationships nor the abuser he’s been painted to be. 

Summer Walker Switches Up Her Style On ‘Ex for a Reason’

Summer Walker’s newest song Ex for a Reason just dropped today (October 15), and it is already trending. Anticipation heightened for Walker’s new album after she dropped the promo Instagram video for her upcoming album Still Over It last week, however the prefacing single isn’t resonating well with fans. At least not at this moment.

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