Love ‘Hrs and Hrs’ by Muni Long? Then Check Out These 5 Songs by Her

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In life there will be certain songs that will remain on constant repeat in your mind, taking up space within your head rent free. Hrs and Hrs by Muni Long are one of those songs. 

Once you hear her come on the record asking, “can I sing to you?” you’re hooked and before you know it you’re listening to Hrs and Hrs for hours and hours. Muni Long’s sensual vocals, hypnotic harmonization and canorous construction of the soulful R&B track are the captivating components responsible for the viral and Billboard success of Hrs and Hrs.

It’s no doubt that Long’s adored single—from her 2021 album Public Displays of Affection—is worthy of all it’s accolades and attention, however so is Muni’s other music. The 33-years young singer-songwriter has a diverse music catalogue, alongside many other songs that have the same vibe as her latest smash hit. If you love Muni Long’s Hrs and Hrs and want to add more songs by her that are in the same vein to your playlist, then check out the list below!

  1. To-Do List

This sexy record is great when you are looking to show your significant other some good lovin’. To-do List is the perfect song to play while enjoying some intimacy with your bae after a long day of hard work. No matter how busy you are, or how long you’ve been away from your boo, To-Do List will remind you to take a moment and show your significant other some TLC. (Album: Public Displays of Affection).

  1. Midnight Snack

Much like the Hrs and Hrs remix with August Alsina, Long’s 2020 single Midnight Snack featuring Jacob Latimore elicits more emotion with the inclusion of the male perspective. On Midnight Snack Long and Latimore compliment each other as they sing about something we’d all want to experience with a current or future partner. Midnight Snack romantically conveys that you and your man (or woman) can make some real magic together in the kitchen—and we’re not talkin’ about food. 

  1. Nuttin’ Like This

Nuttin’ Like This is practically a theme song for anyone who is falling in love. Enough said. (EP: Nobody Knows).

  1. Sneaky Link

If Hrs and Hrs is the song for your full-time bae, then Sneaky Link is a song for your part-time sidepiece. But only if you happened to catch feelings for your sneaky link though. (EP: Nobody Knows).

  1. Time Machine

We all at some point wish we could have redo in life, and Muni Long’s Time Machine articulates that. There is no manual to life or love, and sometimes after a heartbreak many of us desire to turn back time so we can make different decisions. Muni Long’s Time Machine is a go-to record for when you’re in the middle of regret. (Album: Public Displays of Affection).

While Muni Long has tons of more music that is explorable on streaming platforms, these five are just to get you started!

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