McDonald’s Sprite Isn’t Spicy For These Reasons

Drinking a Sprite from McDonald’s is like swallowing a lightning bolt dipped in high fructose corn syrup. Despite it burning when going down, the flavor of the McDonald’s Sprite is still delicious and compliments practically any entrée on their menu—hence why it’s their most popular drink. 

Oreos: You Can Dip Them, Lick Them and Air Fry Them

There is practically nothing that you could do to Oreos to make them less appetizing—unless you were bent on doing so—however there are ways to enhance their deliciousness. According to the latest TikTok trend, if you air fry your Oreos you’ll take your cookie eating experience up a notch. 

Subway Has Revamped Their Menu—Relaunches Roast Beef

Subway has a new revamped sub-sandwich menu that will fulfill all the foodie desires of the health conscious, and those that are just seeking flavorful subs. Over the years Subway has altered their menu, replacing and removing items while also maintaining their staple sandwiches.

KFC and Chipotle Add New Tasty Meatless Goodies To Their Menus

Joining the pack is KFC and Chipotle, each fast food restaurant now offering vegan meat options for ready consumers. The fried chicken and Latin food brand are kicking off 2022 right, advancing their menu to encompass vegan friendly choices. 

Mariah Carey Delights Fans With Her McDonald’s Merry Menu

Maybe you don’t want a lot for Christmas. Maybe it’s just some food you need. Maybe you  only have to spend a dollar at McDonald’s and get something from Mariah Carey for free! McDonald’s latest collaboration is with the Queen of Christmas. Mariah Carey will be giving away 1 featured item from the menu when customers spend at least a dollar.

The Frito-Lay Brand’s Famous Hot Cheeto Faces Discontinuation

The phrase “quitting time” has taken on a whole new meaning in the last two years, and who knew the affects of this resignation error would affect our snacks. Frito-Lay has recently had to put rumors of the discontinuation of their popular snack brand to rest when the Hot Cheetos brand reported a shortage of suppliesContinue reading “The Frito-Lay Brand’s Famous Hot Cheeto Faces Discontinuation”

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