Ye Will Have Homeless Models In Next Yeezy Fashion Show

Ye has never been short of innovative ideas. The 44-year-old hip hop superstar turned fashion designer has always prided himself on being a freethinker and a visionary creator. Soon to come from the audacious Ye is a Yeezy fashion show that features homeless people.

Zoom Has Redefined the Business Fashion Dress Code, Possibly For Good

Notwithstanding everything that kept me up at night during the shutdown, like the status of my career, I found comfort in one silver lining that glimmered during a difficult point in time. No more formal business work attire, heck no more having to get dressed from the waist down if I didn’t feel like it because team meetings would now be on Zoom! 

Ladies, It’s Time to Stop Hiding Your “Tree of Life” Stretch Marks

Supermodel Ashley Graham once again shows us what it means to have body self-acceptance. The relatable plus-size beauty never shies away from putting her “flaws” on full display, teaching others that there is nothing wrong with being perfectly imperfect. 

Japanese Streetwear is Still Booming in the Post-Harajuku Era

There are a plethora of Japanese brands that are dedicated to providing you the ultimate outfits that are streetwear chic. Some Japanese brands are dedicated to serving you J hip hop and some are designed to accentuate your otaku aesthetic

Everything You Need to Know About Beyoncé’s Partnership With Peloton

Collaborating with the fitness brand Peloton, creators of the high-tech Peloton treadmills, Mrs. Knowles-Carter will be teaming her Adidas x Ivy Park label with the company to release a capsule collection. This is the first Peloton x Ivy Park collection, and consists of footwear and apparel. 

Telfar Teams Up With UGG and Moose Knuckles for the Fall/Winter Season

The Telfar fashion line is ascending, slowly replacing other stylish brands in popularity. Building atop the newfound high demand for the Telfar brand, Telfar has collaborated with the iconic UGG fashion line alongside the high-end fashion brand Moose Knuckles for the Fall/Winter season.

The History of A Bathing Ape: Nigo, Pharrell and Hip Hop

After popularizing his clothing, NIGO went a step further and created a footwear line for A Bathing Ape. In 2002, NIGO released the BAPESTA sneaker, which highly resembled the Nike’s Air Force 1 model. Instead of the Nike Swoosh logo, NIGO individualized the BAPESTA sneaker with a lightning zap that elongated from a star on the side of the shoe. 

Slick Woods Headlines Lionne Clothing’s Debut Fashion Show

Slick woods, supermodel and one of the top faces of Fenty Beauty, has made her way back to the runway. The buzzcut beauty came back like the fierce Slick woods we all love to see, workin’ the catwalk like only she could in Lionne Clothing’s Fall/Winter Fashion show.

Ashley Graham Exemplifies Body Acceptance Through Revealing Instagram Pics

Thickalicious fashion model Ashley Graham continues her body positive advocacy via social media, exemplifying the power in body acceptance. Progressing the body inclusivity movement by example, Graham embodies the essence of true self-appreciation.

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