Lizzo Changes Lyrics To New Single “Grrrls” Because of Slur

The Grammy award-winning artist Lizzo released “GRRRLS”, the second single of her much  anticipated sophomore album Special this past Friday, and it took all of two days before  the “Juice” rapper was trending on social media with calls to action to take out a word from her  song because of it’s offense to the disable community. 
By: Sherean Jones

An Open Letter To Will Smith, From One of Your Biggest Fans

By: Denee Anaya
OMG, Big Willy, birth name-Willard Carroll Smith, stage name Will Smith, of all the times for you to get into your feelings, on the night that you have proclaimed to be the moment that you been waiting for a long time, on the night that will sum up the journey of your 36 years in entertainment, on the night that you are about to receive this year’s 2022 Academy Award (Oscar) for Best Actor.

Coachella Will Sell Lifetime Concert Passes To NFT Owners

Beginning Friday (Feb.4) Coachella is going to be selling lifetime passes to their music festivals that will allow individuals access to “Coachella-produced virtual experiences forever,” according to the Verge. Of course those who purchase a lifetime pass will get passes to the actual Coachella festival each year as well. 

MGK’s Cover of Frank Ocean’s ‘Swim Good’ Is Getting Flak, But It’s Not Bad

Since Machine Gun Kelly has hopped out of the hip hop game into the punk rock genre he has been the center of much derision. His relationship with Megan Fox has increased these feelings of distaste from the public, however MGK’s recent cover of Frank Ocean’s song Swim Good is magnifying them.

‘Hype House’ Star Jack Wright Stands By His #HimToo Story Amid Push Back

Popular TikToker and Hype House reality star Jack Wright has made some serious accusations against fellow TikTok superstar slash ex-friend and TikTok collaborator Sienna Mae Gomez. Telling his #HimToo story in a YouTube video posted on Jan. 20, Wright alleges that he was a victim of sexual assault by Sienna Mae.

Keith Powers And Ryan Destiny Split Up Just A Few Weeks Into 2022

Actors Ryan Destiny and Keith Powers are concluding their four year relationship. The reasoning for the two’s separation is presumably amicable, Powers and Destiny both choosing to focus on their thriving careers amid their split, according to People.

Elmo’s Fame Grows On TikTok After His Savage Moments Start Trending

Elmo is one of the hottest things in these TikTok streets ever since he went viral for saying ‘balsamic vinegar.’ With so much attention on Sesame Street’s veteran character, Elmo’s other viral-worthy moments are surfacing—adding to Elmo’s fame significantly.

Joey Bada$$ in 2022: Checks Tristan Thompson and Says a Album is OTW

After five long years, rapper Joey Bada$$ finally will be blessing hip hop fans with a new album. Soon in 2022 the prolific Brooklyn bred rapper is going to add a new masterpiece to the hip hop genre, updating his album discography for the first time since 2017.

Billie Eilish Replaces Ariana Grande as Coachella’s Youngest Ever Headliner

At the upcoming 2022 Coachella Music Festival Billie Eilish will headline, replacing Ariana Grande as the youngest person to ever headline Coachella. While Grande reached that achievement at 25, Eilish will reach that accomplishment at the age of 20. The amount of records Eilish has broken in her young years is incredible.

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