Why Fans Think “Euphoria’s” Angus Cloud and Maude Apatow are a Thing

Since the beginning of season 2 of Euphoria fans of the show have been shipping Fezco (Angus Cloud) and Lexi (Maude Apatow). Cloud and Apatow’s chemistry is so palpable on-camera that it has people speculating about if Euphoria’s “Fexi” are actually a thing outside of the show. As of lately, there have been some signs that are leading fans to believe that Cloud and Apatow may possibly be dating in real life.

Classic 2000’s Movies That Need A Sequel With The Original Cast Lineup

Movies that are so good that you want and need a part two are films that are typically dubbed as iconic. While many can appreciate a good sequel, a continuation that contains all of the original cast as in the debut film always reigns supreme over a sequel that doesn’t.

Drake Should Make An Appearance In The Upcoming ‘Degrassi’ Reboot

Before there was Euphoria, there was Degrassi. The controversial and shock-worthy subject matter that was presented by the franchise has imprinted on an entire generation, gaining legendary status because of the innumerable OMG moments throughout the series. 

Paris Jackson Wants To Join The MCU as A ‘Superhero or Supervillain’

Paris Jackson could be coming to the big screen soon in a super way, well at least that’s on Jackson’s bucket list. Recently the singer and actress revealed that she wants to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, either as a superhero or supervillain

‘Soul Food’ is a Classic Movie, But We Got Some Things Wrong About Teri

With the holiday season underway an overload of holiday and/or family movies are  gonna flood our screens and remind us of the importance of family, and the greater  reminder of why we only see them once a year in the first place. Nothing jogs this feeling  more than when I re-watched the black cinematic classic, Soul Food (not the BET  version), something about watching it as a 30 year old single woman hits different.  

Zendaya Fuels Tom Holland Relationship Rumors In New Interview

Zendaya, the leading lady in the latest Marvel Spider-Man film, lets the world into her rumored relationship with her costar and Spider-Man star Tom Holland. After the young Hollywood actors were caught making out in the car back in July, fans have been inquiring about the inside deets of their alleged romance.

‘ATL 2: ‘The Homecoming’ Is Long Overdue And Highly Anticipated

After 15 years, the cult classic 2006 movie ATL is finally getting a well deserved and much-awaited sequel. The ATL 2: “The Homecoming” trailer that was released on Friday (August 27) caused much excitement among fans, opened floodgates for nostalgia and created more anticipation for the upcoming film. Seeing the original cast members—T.I., Lauren London,Continue reading “‘ATL 2: ‘The Homecoming’ Is Long Overdue And Highly Anticipated”

Taraji P. Henson is the New Ms. Hannigan in NBC’s ‘Annie Live!’

NBC’s new upcoming Annie Live! will feature Taraji P. Henson as the infamous orphanage caretaker we all hate to love. On Tuesday (June 8) NBC announced that the academy award winning actress will be playing the role of villainous Ms. Hannigan in their live version of the famed musical. Henson has always dominated each roleContinue reading “Taraji P. Henson is the New Ms. Hannigan in NBC’s ‘Annie Live!’”

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