Kenan Thompson Will Star In New NBC Sitcom ‘Kenan’

Kenan Thompson

Many of us that classify ourselves as millennials often think our generation had the best of everything. The best entertainment, best music, best toys and even the best breakfast cereal have been claimed by millennials to have been at its peak during their generation, tanking thereafter.

While our memories of the 90’s and its grandeur may vary, one constant figure from our childhood that has grown with us is the comedic actor Kenan Thompson. Most millennials—and some of Generation Z— were introduced to Kenan Thompson through the timeless Nickelodeon shows “All That” and “Kenan and Kel.”

Thompson kept us laughing during his funny impersonations on “All That,” his slapstick comedy on “Kenan and Kel,” and became engraved in our childhood memories when he played in the Nickelodeon movie classic “Good Burger.”

Thompson has been a fixture in some of our favorite television shows and a hilarious addition to classic movies like “Barbershop 2: Back In Business,” “The Mighty Ducks” and “Love Don’t Cost A Thing.” Additionally, Thompson has broken history by being the longest running contributor on the iconic comedy skit television series “Saturday Night Live.”

Starting Feb.16 Kenan Thompson will make his debut as the star of another television series titled “Kenan.” Alongside Thompson, actor Don Johnson and Thompson’s fellow SNL castmate comedian Chris Redd will also star in “Kenan.”

According to Deadline, “The show centers on the familial relationships as Kenan tries to reclaim his life after his wife’s death. Kenan’s daughters are his world – the too smart Aubrey (Dani Lane) and the silly, unpredictable Birdie (Dannah Lane).”

In “Kenan” Kenan Thompson tries to juggle single fatherhood and being the host of an Atlanta morning show, leading him to “reluctantly accepting help from his father-in-law” Rick, according to Deadline.

Since Rick (Don Johnson) missed most of his daughter’s Cori’s (Niccole Thurman) childhood because he was a jaunting musician, he uses his granddaughters as parenting redo, however his traditional rearing style often clashes with Kenan’s.

Although Thompson will be starring in a new show, he will still remain a part of the SNL cast. Kenan Thompson is definitely kicking 2021 off right!

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