Malia Obama Will Reportedly Be A Writer On Donald Glover’s Upcoming Amazon Series ‘Hive’

Malia Obama

Malia Obama, Barack and Michelle Obama’s eldest daughter, possibly may be taking the next major step in her career. The 22-year-old former president’s daughter will reportedly be a part of Donald Glover’s writing team for his next Amazon project.

Malia Obama Is On The Far Right

Donald Glover reportedly has signed a multi-year eight-figure deal with Amazon and will be executive producing multiple new projects for Amazon, including its streaming service. For Glover’s upcoming project “Hive,” Malia Obama is reportedly chosen to be a member on Glover’s writing team. The developing series is created by Janine Nabers and will “reportedly revolve around a powerful Beyoncé-esque figure,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Although this may be the Harvard graduate’s first major television gig, Malia Obama has had some prime experience in the entertainment industry. Back in 2014—the summer before her junior year in high school—Malia Obama was a production assistant on Halle Berry’s sci-fi series “Extant.” During her time as a production assistant “she [Malia] helped with computer shop alignments and the director also let her slate a take,” according to Parade.

Alongside being a production assistant, Obama has also interned for the Weinstein company and was an intern for a writer on Lena Dunham’s “Girls” series, according to Vanity Fair. 

With all of her experience and stellar work as a production assistant, Ms. Malia’s reported transition into writing is expected.

In a 2017 interview with Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live!,” Halle Berry dished what it was like to have Malia Obama as a production assistant.

“It was kind of wild,” Berry admitted to Cohen. “She was fantastic, she was amazing. She is such a smart, beautiful young woman.”

While Ms. Obama is still early in her media career —and her move to being a series writer hasn’t been confirmed—there is no doubt that film studies major is on the pathway to becoming the filmmaker she aspires to be. 

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