Jay Versace Could Be The Pharrell Williams Of Generation Z

Jay Versace has evolved from making funny-faced comedic skits on social media into making quality music for hip hop stars. The memeable viral social media personality that gained fame for making hilarious shareable content has now used his popularity to launch his career as a music producer.

Coi Leray Defends BIA Amid BET Hip Hop Awards Criticism

Although the 30-year-old rapper’s hip hop career is climbing, it’s also the center of much discussion. Following BIA’s performance at the 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards many fans, or haters, criticized her for giving what they considered an “underwhelming” concert. 

‘Caresha Please!’ Saucy Santana Is Becoming The Biggest Trend of 2021

The dynamic duo City Girls is gaining even more popularity as a dynamic trio. Saucy Santana, a honorary member of City Girls, takes over social media anytime he goes on Instagram live with City Girls member Yung Miami. The longtime friends are the true definition of everyday BFF’s, roasting each other all-the-while hyping each other up. 

Spencer. Is Holding It Down For Alt R&B: A Music Review

Since 2016 Spencer. has been making quality music, beginning with his lyric-free 2016 EP STARCASTER, bringing new energy with each music release. Showing off his growth from 2016 with his 2018 EP VISCERAL LOVE, Spencer. breaks out of the producer-only role and delivers an indie R&B masterpiece. 

WHO IS SIRUP?: The Leading Face of Japanese R&B

Japanese underground alternative R&B sensation SIRUP is rising to popularity on the J-pop music scene. SIRUP’s name 一a mashup of the term Sing & Rap 一 is highly representative of his style of music, making him a unique addition to the Japanese R&B genre.

The Ladies in Hip Hop Dominated Rolling Loud 2021, And Here’s Why

Dominating this year’s music festival was none other than the fabulous ladies that have been making a major impact in hip hop. Holding their own alongside their male counterparts Da Baby and Lil Baby, the leading hip hop ladies Meg Thee Stallion, Latto and Rico Nasty were the true Rolling Loud MVP’s.

Kota The Friend Allegedly Abused His Ex-Fiancé And Maybe Other Women

Within the matter of a few days another woman has come out against rapper Kota the Friend, and this time this woman is Kota’s ex-fiancé Gabriella C. On Friday (July 2) Ms. Gabriella took to twitter to release a statement, accusing Kota the Friend of being “mentally and emotionally abusive” during their relationship.

Kota The Friend Is Accused Of Grooming, Mental Abuse, Strangling and More

Despite being a seemingly gentle soul with a romantic side, Kota the Friend may have skeletons in his closet that many of us wouldn’t have guessed. Just recently Kota the Friend’s alleged ex-girlfriend, who goes by Teyo, took to Twitter to share a disheartening story about the alleged abuse she endured during their relationship. 

Love & Hip Hop: The Top 4 Hottest Celebrity Hip Hop Couples In 2021

Love, especially hip hop love, is something we love to see and is the reason why the “Love & Hip Hop” franchise is so successful. Right now there are some poppin’ hip hop couples on the scene that are becoming the latest #relationshipgoals. Read on to see the Top 4 Hip Hop Couples of 2021.

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