Summer Walker Switches Up Her Style On ‘Ex for a Reason’

Summer Walker’s newest song Ex for a Reason just dropped today (October 15), and it is already trending. Anticipation heightened for Walker’s new album after she dropped the promo Instagram video for her upcoming album Still Over It last week, however the prefacing single isn’t resonating well with fans. At least not at this moment.

“No cause I was so excited for this single. Now I’m scared for the album Summer Walker has perfed,” someone tweeted. 

Ex for a Reason does sound different compared to Walker’s previous work, and for many fans the fast-paced, gritty auto-tuned pop/R&B style of the song is off-putting. Now as a Walker fan the change is welcomed, I always can appreciate artist experimentation, however many fans would’ve preferred Walker’s signature slowed down trap-R&B emotive sound on the new record.

“Iont ever wanna hear an upbeat song by summer walker in my life again,” someone tweeted. 

The change in tone for Walker may have been intentionally done to signify her complete detachment from London on da Track—her child’s father and executive producer of her 2019 award-winning album Over It

Their romantic relationship, and most likely work relationship, ending in 2020 has been viewed by fans as potential inspiration for her upcoming album—being that the ‘B’ in R&B is Blues. The expectation of the album to be powerfully poignant, like her last album, is evident and exhibited through fans’ desire for London on da Track’s production on Walker’s forthcoming album.

“I need summer Walker & London to talk things through and cause what’s going on with that production,” someone tweeted. 

While the music sounds different production wise, lyrically it’s intrinsically the same as Summer Walker’s other songs. Beatin’ heauxs up, checking your man’s side-pieces and exes, and going crazy behind a man were all typical Summer Walker subject matter that is included in Ex for a Reason. City Girls member JT being featured on the track was also a great addition, further intensifying the “don’t play with me” energy of the song. 

How the new version of Summer Walker, that may be consistent throughout Still Over It, will be read by current fans is still uncertain. But what is certain is that many fans are here for Summer Walker nonetheless. 

“The only reason y yall aint fuckin wit tht summer walker single is cuz yall assumed it was gone be exactly like her last album. This a whole different album. new songs, new sound. I give it a good 2 weeks to a month for yall to be bumpin this shit. I fw it tho,” someone tweeted. 

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