Kota the Friend Defends His Name With Upcoming Single “Bitter”

Kota the Friend

Kota the Friend finally speaks out against abuse allegations in his latest song “Bitter.” The 29-year-old rapper divulged his side of the story, explaining that he wasn’t the “aggressor” in his past relationships nor the abuser he’s been painted to be. 

In under three minutes Kota the Friend addresses the abuse allegations made by his exes on social media this past summer, counteracting each one. Admitting that he was actually the one being physically abused during one of his relationships, the “Long Beach” rapper held nothing back when framing his relationship with his exes from his perspective. 

Although Kota the Friend didn’t disclose whether his ex-girlfriend or ex-fiancé allegedly assaulted him—both claimed he was the physical assaulter during their relationships respectively—Kota confessed to having PTSD from his past relationships.

“She was screaming at me/ I was at the corner of my bed/ hoping that she wouldn’t hit me because she was making some threats/ I got post-traumatic stress from women attacking me,” Kota the friend rapped in his song. “Cause I tend to hurt they feelings/ I was happy when she left/ But she won’t admit to you that she physically battered me/ And that sh**t gotta change/women beating men and men taking the blame,” Kota the Friend said in another bar.

Completely flipping the narrative, and showing the utmost vulnerability, Kota the Friend’s “Bitter” provides alleged facts from past relationships that supposedly confirms the truth and clears his name. Kota the Friend claims that he has receipts proving that the women accusing him are actually the “aggressors” and those associated with the women are just trying to exploit their situation for profit.

Denial of the abuse allegations is expected from the accused since many people wouldn’t not allow themselves to be dragged publicly for their actions whether they committed them or not. R. Kelly went as far as going on live national television to denounce his alleged transgressions, insinuating that he in some way was being victimized by those wanting clout off his name. 

Despite his strong attempt at trying to warrant sympathy from fans and court juries by painting himself as the sole victim in each situation, allegations against R. Kelly are now convictions. In no way am I implying that Kota the Friend is anywhere close to R. Kelly, however those guilty tend to present themselves as targets of a smear campaign as their comeback tactic. I.e. Kaalan Walker, R. Kelly, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein etc.

Each situation is different, and Kota the Friend’s song “Bitter” from his upcoming Jan. 2022 project could be a honest retelling of what truly happened between him and his exes.

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