Kota The Friend Allegedly Abused His Ex-Fiancé And Maybe Other Women

Kota the Friend

Within the matter of a few days another woman has come out against rapper Kota the Friend, and this time this woman is Kota’s ex-fiancé Gabriella C. On Friday (July 2) Ms. Gabriella took to twitter to release a statement, accusing Kota the Friend of being “mentally and emotionally abusive” during their relationship.

Gabriella’s abuse allegations may seem shocking, being that Kota’s persona appears to be so friendly, however this isn’t an isolated experience.  Kota the Friend’s ex-girlfriend Teyo was the first to call out Kota for being allegedly abusive, and now Gabriella has followed suit. 

Kota the Friend and Gabriella got engaged in June of 2019, per the statement. Gabriella C. allegedly endured multiple traumatic events while with Kota, including a forced pregnancy termination, emotional manipulation and other things. 

“This man has physically strangled me; displaced me in an apartment under the guise of sharing a home as a family and attempted to isolate me from my friends,” according to Gabriella’s statement. 

Additionally, even after their break-up Kota the Friend remained to allegedly harass Gabriella, stalking her on social media despite her telling him not to contact her.

“Since the ending of our relationship I blocked him from every platform and he has stalked me me via social media from numerous accounts and proceeded to email me despite my requests to refrain from contact,” according to Gabriella’s statement. Similar to Kota the Friend’s ex-girlfriend Teyo, Gabriella is sharing her story because she wants to prevent Kota from abusing other women. 

“I genuinely hope y’all don’t allow kota the friend to continue profiting from the trauma he relentlessly inflicts and carelessly endangering the health of womxn,” Gabriella said in a tweet.

Amid these allegations fans of Kota the Friend are showing support for both women, encouraging others to hold him accountable for his alleged actions.

“The silence speaks volumes. My heart goes out to the women who were assaulted, manipulated, and sexually and emotionally abused by Kota the Friend. You just lost a huge fan @KotaTheFriend,” a super-fan tweeted.

Despite all of these allegations Kota has yet to respond.

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