Rico Nasty Experiences Issues While on Playboi Carti’s Tour

Rico Nasty Playboi Carti's

Rico Nasty is a fabulous performer that gives 110 percent at every concert irrespective of the crowd’s reaction, however when it comes to disrespect that is all off the table. At Rico Nasty’s latest concert she encountered unwarranted disrespect from the crowd, leaving her to have to stop the show and address the audience directly. 

During the Oregon show of Playboi Carti’s King Vamp Tour on Saturday (November 13) the “Smack a B**h” rapper received a water bottle thrown at her—unprovoked by the way. Not that anyone deserves to be hit by a water bottle, but some artists wouldn’t spark any shock or care if they were to hypothetically be hit by one. But I digress.

As soon as the random water bottle made contact with Rico Nasty the show was over, and so was her patience—understandably so. 

“Who the f**k was it?,” Rico Nasty said angrily during the concert show footage. “Come and get this n****,” Rico Nasty said before hopping off the stage and into the crowd after the instigator. 

Albeit Rico Nasty taking the matters in her own hands may have seemed like something she should’ve left to the security, security wasn’t quick enough. In the footage you could see Rico Nasty subtly looking around to see if security were going to address the situation before she decided too. 

Her swiftness to react most likely is because this is her second time being disrespected while performing on Playboi Carti’s tour. Last week Rico Nasty was booed while on stage performing during Playboi Carti’s tour, prompting her to stop mid-concert as well. 

It’s confusing why so many of Playboi Carti’s fans are riding the Rico Nasty hate train when she is one of the most unproblematic and talented performers on the scene right now. Knowing this, fellow rapper Coi Leray and her main music producer Kenny Beats have come to her defense. 

“Rico is a great performer,” Coi Leray tweeted after Rico Nasty was booed the first time. “Regardless of our differences, the media really try’s to control situations and it shows but always remember you can’t stop greatness . Fuck the haters !”

Kenny Beats also gave Rico Nasty her props, subtly shading the audience for their lack of taste.

“Dont ever fix your mouth to say anything about Rico Nasty if its not “legend” “icon” or “innovator,” Kenny Beats tweeted.

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