4Hunnid’s Leading Lady Day Sulan is a Hip Hop Star in the Making

Day Sulan

The first lady of YG’s rap label 4Hunnid Day Sulan is slowly blowing up on the hip hop scene, gaining more fans with each new rap single and sexy twerk-filled performance. Transitioning from the exotic dance world into the music one, Day Sulan holds her own as a rapper, strongly standing out among other upcoming women hip hop stars.

Hailing from Compton, California the 24-year-old budding rap sensation was launched into the music industry after she was featured on her mentor’s slash 4Hunnid CEO YG’s record Her Story in 2019. After her debut almost three years ago Day Sulan has elevated from the status of featured artist to being the main attraction. Her spicy 2020 single Big, which featured Rubi Rose, and sultry Spanish infused 2021 single Bailar put Day Sulan on the map, and established her sound.  

Much like how Nicki Minaj is the women’s equivalent to her mentor Lil Wayne, and Lil Kim was Biggie Smalls female counterpart, Day Sulan is the female embodiment of Compton rapper YG. With each rhyme the My B***s rapper delivers she mirrors elements of YG’s swag, however styles her verses to reflect her voice to the utmost. 

Day Sulan’s around the way vibe mixed with her bad b***h energy that was tailored by the streets of southern California is what makes her so special. Also it’s what got her dubbed by REVOLT as one of the 11 Female Rappers to Watch in 2021. Once your eyes are on Ms. Sulan it’s hard to take your eyes off of her, hence why she’s continually progressing in her career. 

The young rapper hasn’t even released a full album and she’s still making an impact, representing as the prominent female face on Compton’s rap scene. Her latest performance at the Once Upon a Time in LA music concert helped propel her to the forefront once again, positioning Ms. Sulan to be the next hip hop superstar.

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