River Tiber Finally Drops A New R&B Track, and it’s Glorious

River Tiber

A new serenade from the tuneful Canadian singer River Tiber is finally here. His newest single Sent from Above is enrapturing, putting anyone who listens at-risk of spiraling down a tunnel of emotions that revolve around the idea of love. Finding it, appreciating it, admiring it—that sorta thing. 

Tiber’s Sent from Above is well-timed, largely since it has arrived smack dab in the heart of cuffing season, a time during the winter where people get boo’d up. The mellifluous single is perfect for those who want to romanticize their significant others or just fantasize about their future sent from above.

Listening to Tiber’s harmonious voice float atop of the heavy piano-centric production takes you on a blissful journey that you don’t want to end. With elements of Chris Martin’s vocalization style, Tiber creates a peaceful record that personifies that universal lovey-dovey sentiment we’ve all encountered at least once in life.

His new song is a nice follow-up to his 2020 two-track EP that was half instrumental-only and actual singing. Having Tiber provide a soothing mellow tone to a track is a treat, and missed heavily when it’s absent. Cultivating a style of his own, interpolating components of other influential R&B artists like D’Angelo, Marvin Gaye and Musiq Soulchild in his sound, Tiber contributes uniquely to the R&B genre.

After dropping the magnificent LP Indigo in 2016 that produced West, which was sampled in SZA’s Broken Clocks and Mac Miller’s ROS, River Tiber has been virtually M.I.A. Since 2019 the Canadian singer, birth name Tommy Paxton-Beesley, only have graced fans with occasional singles like Nevada and Taurus.

Although any new music from Tiber is better than none, a new album is definitely what would be more appreciated. R&B music is waning art, therefore those who are helping keep the genre alive through the music they create are always needed.

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