We Need The Dope New Singles That Baby Tate is Teasing on TikTok

“I’m a petty a** b***h don’t try me,” are eight words that Baby Tate, formerly known as Yung Baby Tate, is definitely living by. The hip hop artist is not the one to be played with, and will clapback at anyone who tries to downplay her or her long-standing music career.

Baby Tate recently took to Twitter to set those claiming that her career isn’t where it could be because of colorism within the music industry straight. Colorism does exist, however that isn’t always to blame when someone hasn’t achieved the success someone else thinks they deserve.

Also implying an artist isn’t thriving in their craft because they aren’t in mainstream pop culture is quite offensive, hence why Baby Tate denied the aforementioned assertion.

“I’m very aware that colorism is real. I have experienced it. But it’s not the reason I’m not further in my career as ppl *think* I should be. I personally think I’m in the perfect place. So I’m not gonna allow other ppl to tell me otherwise,” Baby Tate tweeted on Tuesday (Jan.4). 

And she’s absolutely correct. Life is a marathon not a race, word to Nipsey Hussle, and she has more than enough years ahead of her to become the next hip hop superstar. The 25-year-old rapper has developed multiple hit songs that have become beloved favorites by many in her age demographic.

Records like I Am featuring Flo Milli and Pedi dominated TikTok, helping add more supporters to Baby Tate’s already developed fan base. The love for the Baby Tate is steadily growing, and has heightened after the creative rapper dropped snippets of two fire new unreleased records on TikTok.


it’s the hair that got me acting like dis

♬ Baby Tate unreleased S.H.O. – Baby Tate

One of the unreleased singles is a bass heavy hip hop track with a catchy chorus, and the other is a slow heartbreak ballad that spotlights Baby Tate’s vocal abilities. If you don’t already know Baby Tate is the daughter of the Grammy-nominated pop singer Dionne Farris, therefore the rapper also being able to sing isn’t unexpected.


what’s love ❤️ 1st official snippet coming 2022

♬ original sound – Baby Tate

Each unreleased record dropped by Baby Tate on social media just intensifies the desire to hear more of her music, thus pushing her career forward even more. Scrolling through TikTok and hearing “I’m finna slut this n***a out,” the chorus to Baby Tate’s latest unreleased hip hop record, in someone’s video also builds anticipation for her next album.   

Baby Tate’s rap career is poppin’ off at the rate it should be, because she said so and so that’s what it is. The idea of success varies from person-to-person and that’s completely normal. Since Baby Tate has already shared her feelings about her profession, maybe she’ll now share when the songs she’s teasing on TikTok will be released. Because we NEED it now! Please and thank you, *insert smiley emoji here*.

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