Flo Milli Samples ‘Dora The Explorer’ In New Single ‘Back Pack’

Rapper Flo Milli once again takes her music to the next level, proving that she can write to and rap over any beat thrown her way. Whether it’s Playboi Carti’s “Beef” or Chaim Topol’s “If I Were A Rich Man,” Flo Milli recontextualizes each beat, transforming it into something that’s exclusively Flo Milli S**T.

As of late, the young hip hop artist has showcased her bars on a unique beat that is taken straight from one of Generation Z’s favorite childhood shows, “Dora The Explorer.” On the new single “Back Pack,” Flo Milli turns the kid friendly “Backpack” song from “Dora The Explorer” into a new trap anthem.  

Although “Back Pack” is cheeky, Flo Mili’s kiddy rap style on the new record could be interpreted as a satirical clapback to those who call her raps “childish.”

“I know y’all are not taking this seriously, she literally made this because people were saying she sounds childish when she raps lol,” one YouTube user commented. Irrespective of the song’s intent, “Back Pack” is a certified bop that flexes Flo Milli’s chipper flow and sassy lyricism. 

Flo Milli becomes Flora The Explorer in the “Back Pack” visual, combining the cute aesthetic of Dora with her pretty-girl boss attitude. In the hip-hop parody of “Dora The Explorer” Flo Milli is dressed in Dora cosplay—as Flora The Explorer—reenacting Dora’s jungle journey with a 3-D animation of Dora’s sidekick Boots. 

The My Attitude rapper ignites nostalgia and City Girl energy as she transitions between Flo Milli and Flora The Explorer in the “Back Pack” music visual.

While Flo Milli’s “Back Pack” has received positive feedback, there are some people who aren’t particularly moved by the new single. 

“I get the concept she was going for and I applaud her for trying to be different. But this is straight up trash. I’ll say it again, TRASH!!!,” one Twitter user said.


Whether you like this single or not, the In the Party rapper’s swaggy rap skills are still undeniable.

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