Kaalan Walker a.k.a WHOKR Drops ‘Something To Say’ Freestyle Amid Sexual Assault Accusations

Kaalan Walker

Kaalan Walker a.k.a KR or WHOKR drops his “Something To Say” freestyle amid sexual assault accusations on Sunday (March 7).

Upon his release from prison on Thursday (March 4), women that had been allegedly sexually assaulted by KR shared their experiences on social media. Strong supporters of these women were 25-year-old singer Kehlani and 27-year-old model Indyamarie, both calling out KR for being an alleged “serial rapist.”

In his freestyle KR addresses Kehlani and Indyamarie while also name dropping Playboi Carti, Chris Brown, PNB Rock, Tory Lanez and others. KR also expounded on how A$AP Rocky saved his life, in addition to exposing personal details about his past relationship with Indyamarie and Kehlani respectively. 

KR also maintains his innocence in the “Something to Say ” freestyle, albeit he was charged with 9 felonies of sexual assault.

“At least four women have accused Walker of sexually assaulting them between April 2016 and July 2018, in some cases on multiple occasions. He faces five counts of forcible rape, one count of forcible oral copulation and three counts of sexual penetration by a foreign object,” according to court records obtained by The Los Angeles Times.

KR was arrested in October of 2018, remaining in custody until his release on March 4, 2021. Shortly after KR’s release, women that were alleged sexually assaulted by KR took to social media to share their experience. Among these women were model Sydney Stanford and singer Jean Deaux. 

Prior to the sexual assault charges KR was a budding acting and rap star. 

“After starring alongside Halle Berry and Daniel Craig in the 2017 drama “Kings,” Walker appeared in 2018 thriller “SuperFly” while also acting in the television series “In Contempt” the same year. The actor also raps under the stage name KR, and released his latest EP, titled “The Intermission,” in 2017,” according to Variety.

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