Kehlani and Indyamarie Show Public Support For Women Accusing ‘Superfly’ Actor Kaalan Walker Of Sexual Assault


Multiple alleged rape victims of “Superfly” actor Kaalan Walker take to social media to share their experience of being allegedly sexually assaulted by Walker amid his release from prison on Thursday (March 4).

In 2018 Kaalan a.k.a WHOKR was arrested and charged with 9 counts of felony sexual assault, according to XXL. Walker’s series of assaults date back as early as 2016, and according to the San Diego Union Tribune, “Walker would contact women who were aspiring models through social media under the pretense of a job opportunity.”

Each victim claimed that once he got them alone he sexually assaulted them, according to police. On Friday ( March 5)—a day after Walker’s release from prison—model slash actress Sydney Stanford posted an Instagram video, sharing her story of being allegedly sexually assaulted by Walker.

“DO NOT MEET WITH TW: (RAPE)HIDDENXHUES FOR A PHOTOSHOOT!Kalaan Walker is a serial rapist. Do not let him walk the streets comfortably. See how you can help in my story! THANK YOU GUYS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! PLEASE CALL AND EMAIL FOR JUSTICE,” Stanford said in the Instagram caption of her video. 

Following Stanford, soul singer Jean Deaux also took to social media to share her experience of being “sexually pressured” by Walker.

Alongside Stanford and Deaux, other women who were also alleged victims of Walker have turned to social media to share their stories. Instagram user @meccacisse detailed her experience with Walker following the news of his release from prison, claiming to have been sexually assaulted by Walker.

“I hate that I even have to do this but here we are,” @meccacise began. “At 16 years old, Kaalan Walker aka WhoKR, dm’d me on twitter giving me all sorts of compliments and told me i would be the perfect candidate for his new music video. his account was verified and he even sent me the song after I asked to listen first. the song was decent so I considered it. he proceeded to say that he would pay me $5000. I asked him what I would be doing and it was nothing sexual so I said yea. he told me that we should meet in person to discuss business. I agreed, but I knew I couldn’t tell my parents because they would say no. one weekend I took public transportation for the first time alone, and he picked me up at my stop. without getting into too much detail, we went up to his “place” which was actually like this lounge area in an apartment complex… and that’s where he raped me. although I said “NO!”.. he still raped me. I cried the entire time, silently. imagine. this was my experience losing my virginity and I wanted nothing but to leave, safely. he finished, and dropped me back at my stop. when I got out the car he yelled “keep it tight for me” out the car. I felt so empty. I had no idea at the time what happened. I had never had sex and I didn’t know what feelings were supposed to come with that. all I know was that I wanted to hide and couldn’t tell my parents because I lied about where I was going. years later I told my parents after seeing him at a album release party in Hollywood and they supported me in pressing charges. my friend who went with me didn’t know, so I said “lets go to the bathroom”. I told her who he was and what he did to me and that it was imperative I tell him to his face how he affected me. when we walked” out the bathroom he was gone… because he saw me and to my surprise was out on bail for charges of raping other girls. I will never be the same because of this experience. I did so many recordings with detectives and even testified in front of him. it was supposed to go to trail but due to COVID-19, trail has been postponed. YESTERDAY, I find out he is free!!! he is dangerous and can do this again to someone you know. pls share and repost. he needs to be in prison!”

Amid the several sexual assault allegations against Walker, Bay Area songstress Kehlani and model Indyamarie have stood in solidarity with those claiming to have been sexually assaulted by Walker. 

Since Friday (March 6) Kehlani has adamantly called out Walker for being a “serial rapist” on Instagram and Twitter. 

“I apologize in advance if everything I’m going to be retweeting involves rape & assault, I am standing with the victims of a serial RAPIST who I knew personally to be aggressive, dangerous & twisted. he was released on bail & is back shooting photography of people (how he started assaulting folks in the first place, many of which were minors) and his case is still open and now his victims and their allies are being targeted and gaslit by him and his followers on social media. some are my FRIENDS. I STAND W YALL,” Kehlani explained in two tweets.

Additionally, Indyamarie implored people to hold Walker accountable for being a “serial rapist” in a stream of tweets.

“We cannot let this SERIAL RAPIST get away with his crimes. Yesterday was just the beginning. Ima keep fighting for you girls!!,” Indyamarie stated in one tweet.

Despite countless accusations Walker continues to profess his innocence, posting a series of text Instagram stories addressing the allegations and Kehlani.

“I will not be bullied, especially as an innocent Black man. I’m just addressing the things that were said about me, I have a right to defend my character,” Walker said in an Instagram story post.

In another Instagram story he also posted his thoughts about Kehlani supporting the alleged victims, bringing up their own past relationship as a justification for his innocence. 

“Kehlani you just broke my heart, you know me personally,” Walker said. “I brought you in my home when you were homeless and you lived with me for six months before your career took off. You told me you are in love with me behind closed doors. Now you’re encouraging your 12,000,000 followers to make up allegations about me to put me back in jail.”

After Kehlani responded to Walker’s Instagram story about her, he reposted her responses on his Instagram feed with the caption, “Your homegirl must not have told you the truth. I’ll address shortly, say less.”

“Lmfao the lies b***h, you’re sick in the head.” Kehlani said in the response to Walker’s IG story. “I done been cool off you so so so many times yo. How many times I had cut cut you off for being a pathological liar and you tried to assault my bestfriend in my apartment. You DID assault my bestfriend in my room at my spot on Hollywood and orange. Don’t threaten goofy a**, fair a** warning.”

Walker also addressed A$AP Rocky, posting a photo of A$AP Rocky on his Instagram feed with the caption, “Before I take this next step, thank you in advance for saving my life.”

Walker’s A$AP Rocky post with the cryptic Instagram caption prompted A$AP Rocky to reveal that he didn’t even know Walker on Twitter.


Kehlani even helped to further clear A$AP Rocky’s name, clarifying that the person who helped Walker become a free man wasn’t A$AP.

“Full clarification, Rocky was not the celebrity friend i was referring to. it’s a woman and I’ve reached out privately,” Kehlani tweeted. 

Although Walker later confirmed that A$AP Rocky didn’t bail him out jail in his Instagram story, he still alludes to revealing more information in time.

“Just to clarify I never said anything about bail when I mentioned A$AP Rocky, he a good dude, I said he saved my life. It will all make sense soon.”

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