Indyamarie Addresses The Claims Kaalan Walker Made In His ‘Something To Say’ Freestyle


Model Indyamarie disputes all of the claims Kaalan Walker a.k.a WHOKR made about her and Kehlani in his “Something To Say” freestyle. Indyamarie continues to call out Walker for being a “rapist” and “lying” about aspects of their past relationship. 

On Sunday (March 7) Indyamarie addressed Walker’s entire verse that was about her in his “Something To Say” freestyle in her Instagram story, giving her account of their relationship.

“And lets clear these lying a** lyrics up,” Indyamarie began in her IG story. The first claim she tackled was that she sold flat tummy tea.

“Y’all can clearly see on my IG I don’t promote anything, let alone some flat tummy tea…not sure why he threw that in there.”

Next Indyamarie debunked Walker’s claim that she lived with him because she was homeless.

“I wasn’t “homeless” when I stayed with you and ya moms. I just didn’t wana stay with my mom anymore but don’t act like I was on the street.”

Indyamarie also addressed Walker slut-shaming her about her past relationships, clarifying that Walker’s extensive breakdown of Indyamarie’s past sexual partners was extremely exaggerated. 

“Im not gonna @ anyone on his “whole industry list” that he claims I f**kd. But he only got  3 right lol. But these rumors have been around for years so idc about that lie,” Marie said in her Instagram story.

Indyamarie also completely denied that she was sexually assaulted, although Walker claimed in his freestyle that she came to him after having “her body taken.”

“I neveerr said “some [n-word] took my body” like wtf are you talking about lol I was never raped or taken by any man in my life,” Indyamarie said in her Instagram story.

To top it all off Indyamarie denied that her and Walker even had an actual relationship.

“Never in my life did I ever everrr say I was attracted to you LMAOO. You begged to “take me on a date” and out of fear of saying no and you no longer taking my pics I let you. Then [I] told you “we’re just friends,” Marie said in her Instagram story.

Kehlani hasn’t responded to Walker’s “Something to say” freestyle, nor has anyone else mentioned besides Indyamarie.

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