‘Caresha Please!’ Saucy Santana Is Becoming The Biggest Trend of 2021

The dynamic duo City Girls is gaining even more popularity as a dynamic trio. Saucy Santana, a honorary member of City Girls, takes over social media anytime he goes on Instagram Live with City Girls member Yung Miami. The longtime friends are the true definition of everyday BFF’s, roasting each other all-the-while hyping each other up. 

Back in 2019 was when I tuned into the Walk Em Like a Dog rapper, becoming aware of his existence when I caught him on Yung Miami’s IG Live. Their interaction was hilarious, playful and filled with viral-worthy dialogue that is now immortalized on TikTok. “Caresha Please!,” Santana’s go-to catchphrase every time he dismisses Yung Miami’s assertions, is now a favored saying and has resulted in fans only calling Yung Miami by her government name—Caresha Brownlee. One example of Santana’s mass influence.

Around circa 2019-2020 the independent music artist quickly went from City Girls makeup artist and hilarious best friend to a rap sensation slash social media superstar. Releasing a series of singles in 2019, three albums in 2020 and another in 2021, Saucy Santana is making a name for himself in music, independent of his relationship with City Girls. Although City Girls and Santana share similar rappin’ styles since they’re all from the 305, Santana adds a sassiness to each track that uniquely differentiates him as an artist.

Whether he’s rapping about the luxurious lifestyle like in Material Girl or celebrating the end of a workday and going clubbing like in Boom, Santana’s music is addictive and danceable. Beyond making music for the culture, Santana’s colorful personality has helped launch him into stardom, securing him a recurring role on Love & Hip Hop: Miami

Between the #HereWeGoChallenge he created for his 2021 song Here We Go and his back-and-forths with Yung Miami (Caresha) on IG Live, Santana is becoming the leading trend on TikTok.  If people aren’t doing their version of the #HereWeGoChallenge, using Santana’s TikTok choreography to his song Here We Go or another of their choice, they’re reenacting an interaction between Santana and Yung Miami. 

Saucy Santana has given us many quotables like “Caresha Puh-leaseee!”, “what’s big saweetie?” and “it’s givin’ the gworlz [insert any shady insult here], along with supreme twerk music. Within the last two years Santana has built a major brand for himself, adding substantially to the other trailblazing hip hop voices of today.

Maybe in the future City Girls and Saucy Santana will do a collaborative album titled Caresha Please!…

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