Brittany Renner Says That It’s ‘Step Daddy Season’ In New Video

Brittany Renner

Brittany Renner is back and looking for a step daddy! Renner isn’t wasting time on patching things up with her baby-daddy slash alleged ex-husband NBA star PJ Washington, making that point very clear in her latest Instagram video.

Since last month Brittany has been M.I.A on social media, ignoring the viral rumors of her allegedly filing for divorce from Washington, and receiving $200K in child support. On Monday (Sept. 13) the social media star posted a controversial car video on Instagram, like the one she did breaking down the intellect of athletes, indirectly explaining her current relationship situation. 

“It’s officially step-daddy season… don’t let your baby-daddy or baby-mama block your blessing,” Renner stated in the video, implying she’s fully moving on from her Charlotte Hornets ballplayer ex, PJ Washington. Ms. Brittany Renner also insinuated that staying with someone just because you share a baby with them is cray cray, taking another subtle dig at Washington. 

“I know in theory it sounds good keeping the same person to have kids with,” Renner says in the video, “But that’s insanity as well. ” Renner continues, “If it doesn’t work out with them it’ll work out with someone else.”

Renner didn’t straightforwardly address any rumors about her and Washington, however she made it clear that it’s completely over with him, and that she isn’t a threat to his future relationships.  Not directly, but it was implied.

“I can assure you the baby-mama’s of today, we don’t give a damn,” Renner said in the video. “You can have him. I have exited the rat race, I am not a threat.” Renner is back to being her unbothered self on social media, trending once again for her gossip-worthy antics!

The fitness influencer has reactivated her Twitter, letting everyone know through her Instagram story that her break from the platform was because she wasn’t about the twitter fingers life. Her IG story seems like it might be a lowkey clapback at Washington since he is known to throw quite a bit of shade at Ms. Renner through Twitter.

“ I don’t partake in the whole fingers thing,” Renner said in her IG story. “I had my account deactivated while I got myself together but I’m ready to be harassed now…come say hi!”

Washington has yet to address Renner’s latest stunt on any of his social media platforms. 

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