Addison Rae Gets Slammed On Twitter For Attending The Met Gala

Addison Rae

Poor Addison Rae can’t seem to catch a break! The social media superstar has many loyal fans, 84.3 million TikTok followers and a bunch of people that seem to stay irked by her existence, dragging her constantly on Twitter.

This year’s Met Gala was the center of much discussion on social media, and Ms. Rae, one of the 2021 Met Gala attendees, was the center of much disdain. While the 20-year-old TikTok sensation stunned on the Met Gala red carpet in a Tom Ford for Gucci red gown, Rae’s beauty and presence at the event was far from welcomed. 

Addison Rae being at the Met Gala definitely broke the internet, but not in a good way. Followers of the philanthropic fashion festivity took to Twitter on Monday night to vent their shady opinions about Rae’s Met Gala appearance, blaming her for diminishing the prestige of the event. There were also many digs taken at her gown choice.

“Addison Rae really is at The Met Gala… like this event just went down a class..,” one person tweeted. Another Twitter user wrote in reference to her gown “Addison rae wearing shein for tonights met gala!!! #MetGala.”

Other unamused spectators simply disliked Rae being invited to the Met Gala because her fame as social media influencer and big time TikToker earned her a place there. 

“Why is Addison Rae even at the Gala? For doing the renegade? Tiktokers & influencers are definitely going to ruin everything in the future. Glad no more of them were there. Can we please stop giving platforms to pretty people solely due to ‘pretty privilege’ #MetGala.

Whew the shade of it all! Why Addison Rae gets so much backlash in addition to love could stem from past blips Rae has made in her career, such as reposting an #AllLivesMatter video back in 2020. 

Rae was also called out in March for not crediting Black content creators during an appearance on the Tonight Show where she performed popular TikTok dances made by Black creators. 

While Rae has made some missteps, and her likeability is debatable, her appearance at the Met Gala wasn’t too shabby. 

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