Brittany Renner Allegedly Scores $200K A Month In Child Support From NBA Ex PJ Washington

PJ Washington

Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger, but she ain’t messin’ with no…y’all know the rest. Kanye West’s lyrics probably hit pro-baller PJ Washington even harder now, being that he is about to live out the very fate West’s song “Gold Digger” warned men about. Allegedly.

Over the last 48 hours Twitter has been dragging Instagram model and author Brittany Renner after Washington confirmed a shady rumor about his alleged estranged wife Renner. Yes, we said wife. Reportedly, Renner filed for divorce just two weeks after she had Washington’s son, and now will be allegedly receiving $200K a month for child support. 

Before we get into that tea, let’s break down the timeline of their relationship. Their relationship began shortly after Washington shot his shot at Renner after she attended one of his basketball games while he was at the University of Kentucky back in 2019. In February of 2021 the two went public, and welcomed a baby boy just a few months later in May of 2021. Sometime within the 2021 year the couple allegedly wedded, according to Wiki.

Now I don’t know exactly how much it costs to raise a child in a comfortable lifestyle, however I’m sure it can be done for less than $200K a month. But that’s none of our business. What has become everyone’s business is how Charlotte Hornets Power Forward PJ Washington has been coming for his ex-wife and baby muva Renner on Twitter. 

Soon after the birth of their son the two began having issues, and Washington quickly took to Twitter to throw subs at Renner. 

“Things appeared to go sour just a few months later … with Washington tweeting — and later deleting — a cryptic message about someone “faking it all along,” according to TMZ. 

Just on Monday (August 9) Washington tweeted “Can’t stand a liar,” and “When people show you who they are believe them,” throwing more shade at Renner. While Washington’s stream of tweets from Monday can be interpreted in different ways, his “stop the cap” tweet from Wednesday (August 11) seems pretty clear. 

Renner hasn’t spoken out  amidst the child support/divorce rumor that has been heavily trending on Twitter since Tuesday (August 10), however Washington has answered subtly. That’s if you know how to read in between the tweets. “Stop the cap” means stop lying, and if Washington tweeted that after the rumor broke then it could mean that the rumor is actually false. 

Hopefully, for the sake of Washington’s bank account, the actual truth is that he doesn’t have to pay $2.4M a year in child support for the next 18 years. Maybe if he plays the 2018 video of Renner saying that if you “f**k an athlete” you’ll get some coins because “they’re really dumb” may help his case…

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