Jayda Cheaves Weekend Partying Turns Into A Post-Breakup Guide

Jayda Cheaves

The popular social media personality, entrepreneur and now ex-rapper girlfriend Jayda Cheaves was definitely living her best life in Baltimore over the weekend. Ms. Cheaves latest Instagram story, the newest viral topic on social media, has become the talk of Twitter and this week’s #partygoals. 

Since Jayda’s breakup with her baby’s father and rap star boyfriend Lil’ Baby in 2020 it seems that eyes have been extra focused on both Ms. Jayda and Lil’ Baby. It’s as if fans are in disbelief that the two had a low-key amicable split that was practically drama-free. Despite fans insisting that there is secretly bad blood between the former hip hop couple, Ms. Cheaves has consistently avoided the flamebait and remained truly unbothered. 

The Amour Jayda founder showcased just how unbothered she is when she posted an IG pic of her in GSUWOO drip on Sunday (August 15). Although her outfit was [ insert fire emoji’s here], what was more fiery was her IG caption. 

“Don’t post that quote. He don’t care. Post some ass sis @gsuwoo @jeffgetcash,” Cheaves said in the IG caption. And boy did her a** get posted all throughout her IG story. Our good sis’ was twerking from the air on her party bus, throwing it back on the luggage cart, twerkin’ it up at the club and day party. To say that Ms. Cheaves was lit this weekend would be an understatement. 

Many fans were excited to see Jayda doing so well after the breakup, loving how hyped she was over the weekend. 

“Jayda said she single and going to show out … love that for her.”

Some Jayda supporters were just happy to see the 23-year-old back to living her life, and moved on from her now ex Lil’ Baby.

“bout time Jayda started living her young beautiful rich life!!! i love that for her. (insert laugh/cry and clap emoji.)”

Ms. Cheaves weekend was definitely epic, and could be used as a post-breakup guide for women everywhere. 

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