Jack Harlow And Murda Beatz Are The Same Person, Or So People Think

Jack Harlow

We all have moments where we mix up names and faces, mistaking someone for someone else in our heads. Nothing is more awkward, or hilarious, than realizing who you thought someone was is actually a totally different person. 

Many are having those hilarious realizations after discovering that they’ve been confusing famed hip hop producer Murda Beatz and big time rapper Jack Harlow with each other! Ever so often when Mr. Harlow trends on Twitter, his hashtag is concentrated with thirsty tweets, relationship rumors and charismatic clips of the quirky version of himself. This time Mr. Harlow is trending because of his uncanny resemblance to Murda Beatz.

The 27-year-old music producer has created the hottest hip hop beats for A-list rap stars like Travis Scott, Drake, Migos, and Mr. Harlow, making the comparison even funnier. 

“Now why did jack harlow get a silk press,” someone tweeted.

Despite Murda Beatz, birth name Shane Lee Lindstrom, tweeting a picture of him side-by-side alongside Harlow in the studio last year, some fans still believe they’re the exact same person. Other fans just think Murda Beatz is a different version of Harlow.

“So what u tryna tell me is he just Jack Harlow with a relaxer,” someone tweeted. There have been so many people believing that the What’s Poppin‘ rapper was Murda Beatz and vice versa that some fans have come out to clarify they’re two different people. 

“The rumours are FALSE Jack Harlow and Murda Beatz are NOT the same person,” someone tweeted. 

All of this attention focused on Murda Beatz may have come from his cameo in Chlöe Bailey’s music visual for her new song Have Mercy as one of the lustful college jocks. Between the lighting and certain shot angles Murda Beatz and Jack Harlow looked just like twinsies!

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