Lil Uzi Vert Almost Gets Robbed for a $24 Million Pink Diamond

Stage diving is always risky business for music artists, and requires them to trust their fans to a considerable degree. Rapper Lil Uzi Vert trusted his fans a bit too much when he decided to dive into an audience of thousands with his multi-million dollar pink diamond still in his forehead!

During an interview with TMZ on the red carpet for Jay-Z’s 40/40 club reopening and 18th-anniversary party, Lil Uzi Vert explained how fans attempted to rob him at Rolling Loud 2021. 

“I had a show at Rolling Loud and I jumped into the crowd and they kind of ripped it out,” Lil Uzi Vert told TMZ. Rolling Loud 2021 occurred back in July. Luckily for the emo rapper he was able to hold unto the alleged $24 million pink stone.

“I’m feeling good,” Lil Uzi Vert also told TMZ. “I still have the diamond so I feel good.”

Having a pastel diamond stitched in your forehead can make you more targetable, but until the Rolling Loud incident he rocked it fearlessly. The 26-year-old rapper flaunted the big rock for the first time back in February after tweeting about his plan to purchase the diamond in January.  

“I’ve been paying for a natural pink diamond from Elliot for years now . This one Stone cost so much I’ve been paying for it since 2017. That was the first time I saw a real natural pink diamond. A lot of M’s in my face,” Lil Uzi tweeted with money bag emojis included. Although the “XO Tour Llif3” rapper allegedly spent millions on the diamond, he didn’t break the bank, and still got his paper straight. 

“When another follower asked the star if he was “still rich” after purchasing the diamond, he said, “Yes that’s why it took 5 years,” according to Yahoo News. Lil Uzi has yet to place the diamond back in his forehead, keeping a simple piercing there instead.

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