Elmo’s Fame Grows On TikTok After His Savage Moments Start Trending


Elmo is one of the hottest things in these TikTok streets ever since he went viral for saying ‘balsamic vinegar.’ With so much attention on Sesame Street’s veteran character, Elmo’s other viral-worthy moments are surfacing—adding to Elmo’s fame significantly.

Since 1984 Elmo has been a Sesame Street superstar, giving generations of youth entertaining dialogue. Elmo’s candidness and shady commentary makes him an entire mood, prompting many to utilize his voiceover in individualized TikTok videos or just meme Elmo’s savage moments on Twitter.

Out of all of Elmo’s moments, read on to see which ones have become trending sounds on the TikTok and the latest popular memes on Twitter.

Elmo’s Constant Beef with Rocco

The ticklish fiery red puppet is not only bright in color, but also in personality. Elmo’s bluntness resonates with many, specifically when he’s unabashedly truthful with his deluded friend Zoe. We can all relate to reality checking a friend—like Elmo did Zoe after she refused to give Elmo the last oatmeal cookie because it belonged to her inanimate pet rock Rocco. Elmo’s rant to Zoe on a 2004 episode of Sesame Street is comical, understandable and reflects the thought process of many realists.

No One Says Balsamic Vinegar, Plastic Water Bottle or Paper Towel Roll Like Elmo

You think how Elmo said the famed Italian dressing is wavy, then check out how he says “plastic water bottle and a paper towel roll.” His pronunciation of all that is mentioned above is what made fans of Elmo believe he was a person of color on the inside. Which technically he is.

Elmo’s Energy Shift With Rocco

There is always that one person, or thing, that you just don’t vibe with even when your friend does. Within Elmo’s and Zoe’s friendship that thing that Elmo doesn’t vibe with is Zoe’s pet rock Rocco, and Elmo makes that abundantly clear each time Zoe encourages Elmo and Rocco to interact. Elmo’s dry-toned reluctant greeting towards Rocco, prompted by Zoe’s insistence, is indicative of the common interaction between us and the friend of our friend that we aren’t fond of. 

Elmo’s realness makes him lovable, memorable and the newest TikTok trend.

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