Keith Powers And Ryan Destiny Split Up Just A Few Weeks Into 2022

Actors Ryan Destiny and Keith Powers are concluding their four year relationship. The reasoning for the two’s separation is presumably amicable, Powers and Destiny both choosing to focus on their thriving careers amid their split, according to People.

“They’re taking time to focus on themselves and their emerging careers but are remaining close friends,” a source tells People. 

The 29-year-old Straight Out of Compton actor and 27-year-old Star actress first met in 2015 at a Teen Vogue party, according to We The Urban’s 2019 digital cover story about them. When they initially connected at the party there was an immediate attraction, however after they befriended and interacted with each other on social media that attraction intensified.

Around late 2017 the young actors became official. As soon as they became an item fans flocked to them, quickly becoming the main “couples goals” couple between 2017-2018. Powers publicly declaring his love for Destiny on multiple occasions made women swoon, giving women hope that romantic boyfriends like Powers do exist.

Keith Powers Sharing His Love For Ryan Destiny on The Real

“I realized I was in love when I knew my life would be extremely affected in a negative way if Ryan wasn’t in it,” Powers told Teen Vogue in 2019 . “Loving someone is a very natural feeling that just happens. You can’t just wake up and SAY I love this person, you FEEL it. You realize like wow, this person is a piece of me and regardless you don’t ever want that person out of your life.”

For the last few years Powers and Destiny have been admired for their seemingly perfect relationship and their exemplary Black love affair. Their break-up comes as a surprise, and disappointment to many who were rooting for them.

“Not to idoli[ze] celebrity relationships but ryan destiny and keith powers breaking up after 4 years together genuinely makes me want to scream;  they were THEE couple of our gen,” someone tweeted. 

Some fans are even hoping that their publicized breakup is a bad joke and not the actual truth.

“I know we don’t care about celebrity relationships but Ryan Destiny & Keith Powers better be playing…,” another person tweeted.

Although the adored former couple are really calling it quits, Powers and Destiny will at least continue to remain friends. Who’s to say they won’t rekindle their love in the future?

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