Joey Bada$$ in 2022: Checks Tristan Thompson and Says a Album is OTW

Joey Bada$$

After five long years, rapper Joey Bada$$ finally will be blessing hip hop fans with a new album. Soon in 2022 the prolific Brooklyn bred rapper is going to add a new masterpiece to the hip hop genre, updating his album discography for the first time since 2017.

In an Instagram live Joey Bada$$ expressed that he was cookin’ up a new project, and that said project would be coming sometime this year, as noted by Vibe

“The album dropping this year fasho,” Bada$$ confirmed in his IG Live. “I ain’t gonna say exactly when, though, cause there’s certain rappers who be on my heels… it’s coming, though.”

For the last few years fans have been thirsting for new music from the Pro Era founder, only getting somewhat quenched when Bada$$ released his 2020 three-track EP The Light Pack. Those who have been truly rockin’ with the hip hop star most likely have kept his last album, released in 2017, All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ on repeat.

Despite many hip hop enthusiasts patiently waiting for the announcement that Bada$$ made on IG Live for the last few years, his confirmation still falls on uncertain ears. Even after the almost 27-year-old rapper established that a new album is for sure on the way, his fans are still sorta skeptical about it transpiring.

This disbelief that Joey Badas$$ is putting out new music has been brewing since early 2021, shortly after he earned an Oscar nomination for his 2020 film Two Distant Strangers.

“Joey badass a whole actor now he ain’t dropping an album anytime soon,” someone tweeted.

Many fans lost more hope that the rapper turned actor would be creating more music masterpieces after Joey Bada$$ checked Tristan Thompson for serial cheating in multiple tweets on Tuesday (Jan.4).

“Im surprise he really invested in they business [laugh emoji] we loosing Joey,” someone tweeted.

To help reverse his fans’ mindset, assure them that his new album will be dropping and to just trust the process, Bada$$ took twitter again on Thursday (Jan. 6) to double confirm.

“I’m excited af rn. I know y’all been waiting, we finally bout to eat. ON ME,” Joey Bada$$ tweeted on Thursday (Jan.6). 

Joey Bada$$ also took “accountability”, expressing that he knows he has to “rebuild morale” with his fans. 

“I understand I gotta rebuild morale with my supporters. It’s been 5 years of stop & gos, I take full accountability but watch. We finally bout to eat… real good,” Joey Bada$$ tweeted on Thursday (Jan.6).

While Joey Bada$$ prolonging his album release can be agitating for superfans, the wait may be worth it—especially if the outcome is as iconic as his hit 2012 mixtape 1999.

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