Kali Uchis Celebrates Erykah Badu at the 2021 American Music Awards

Kali Uchis is beyond phenomenal and her music helps you connect to your higher self alongside your sensuality. Recognized for her musical contributions at the 2021 American Music Awards, Kali Uchis appearance on the AMA red carpet is just as praiseworthy as the music that landed her an AMA.

Stunning in pastel pink Dolce & Gabbana outfit, the Telpatía singer glowed radiantly during her pre-award show mini-interview on the AMA red carpet. Kali Uchis, who looked very burlesque-ish, humbly opened up during her interview, fan-girling out about the incredible Erykah Badu when asked which artist she’d invite to her Thanksgiving dinner. 

The Thanksgiving question was kind of quirky, but since Turkey Day is just a few days away it is befitting. Being asked about her ideal holiday guest list also was Uchis’ perfect excuse to celebrate one of the G.O.A.T.’s.  There are many reasons why Badu is so beloved, and Kali Uchis pinpointed her reasons during the interview. 

“I love her [Erykah Badu], she writes me sometimes and I’m just like…,” Kali Uchis said. “I hope that if I ever get pregnant she’ll be my Badoula.” Ms. Badu is a certified doula, someone without formal obstetric training that provides support to pregnant women during labor, according to the Oxford Languages definition. 

Having Erykah Badu as a doula would be iconic, and an aspiration many future mothers that are fans of Badu would love to achieve. In addition to wishing that Badu will be her doula, she also admitted to Badu being an ideal mentor.

“She’s [Erykah Badu] mad cool,” Kali Uchis said. “I’ve always wanted somebody that was kinda like…I feel like every girl in the industry should have like a mentor cause in the industry is so hard, and that’s definitely someone who I feel could be a mentor for young women.”

Since Ms. Uchis is the Queen of manifesting, maybe she’ll manifest Badu as her mentor and next music collaborator!

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