Fans Commend Music Stars That Listen to Fans in Trouble During Concerts


The tragedy that derived from Travis Scott’s 2021 Astroworld Festival has shocked the world, generating a massive public outcry over the inaction at Astroworld that led to multiple fatalities. 

Astroworld was a disaster waiting to happen, being that it was overpacked and there were many safety violations. Since that fateful day on November 5 Scott has been accruing much of the blame for understandable reasons, including his alleged apathy towards the distressed Astroworld concertgoers. Many videos circulating on social media show both Scott and his crew ignoring the crowd’s pleas that people were collapsing and dying in the audience, providing proof of Scott’s negligence. 

In the wake of the Astroworld tragedy many fans are holding Scott solely accountable for the concert’s fatalities. Accused of willfully ignoring what was happening to his fans during the show, Scott is being held liable legally and morally for his presumed unconcernment—which yielded 8 deaths and 300 injuries. 

“Yeah imma need Travis Scott stans to stop defending him and saying “it’s not his fault,” one person tweeted. “When he greenlights this behavior and always tells his fans to ignore security and climb the barricades. That ngga takes part of the blame for what happened tonight, idc.”

Scott’s initial failure to act during Astroworld has jolted the music world, causing other music artists to check themselves and their fans during their own live performances. At Teyana Taylor’s last show on her Last Rose Petal tour, Ms. Taylor stopped the show to make sure a fan was okay.

“Is she okay?” Taylor asks the crowd that was around the fan. “Bring her up here. Is she okay? We ain’t doing that. Come on.”

The video of Taylor’s attentiveness towards a fan has gone viral, fueling more judgement against Scott for not operating in the ways artists like Taylor do during the Astroworld Festival. Alongside Taylor, Jack Harlow has also been caught putting his fans first, stopping one of his shows when he became aware of one concertgoer having a seizure. 

Amid the Astroworld Festival tragedy many fans have been uplifting music artists like Teyana Taylor, Jack Harlow, A$AP Rocky, Adele and Nirvana for stopping their shows for safety purposes. Much of this upliftment and acknowledgment is a comeback for those that are trying to alleviate Scott’s responsibility by using Scott’s unawareness as justification for him not reacting. 

While Travis Scott may not have not known the severity of what was happening, something he has admitted too, he did know that something was happening. That should’ve been enough for Scott.

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