‘ATL 2: ‘The Homecoming’ Is Long Overdue And Highly Anticipated

After 15 years, the cult classic 2006 movie ATL is finally getting a well deserved and much-awaited sequel. The ATL 2: “The Homecoming” trailer that was released on Friday (August 27) caused much excitement among fans, opened floodgates for nostalgia and created more anticipation for the upcoming film.

Seeing the original cast members—T.I., Lauren London, Jason Weaver, Evan Ross, Jackie Long, Albert Daniels and Khadija Haqq McCray—together again instantly takes you down memory lane. Beloved ATL characters like New New(London) and Rashad (T.I.) have had a space in many of our hearts for years, our connection to them growing each time we re-watch the film.

Lines from the movie like “her a** fatter than a swamp possum with the mumps” has lived in many of our heads rent free, as well as been memed countlessly. Chance The Rapper even dubbed ATL as ‘quotable,’ acknowledging that the film is sort of underrated despite its cultural impact. 

“I believe ATL is a movie that never truly got it’s flowers. It’s probably the most quotable movie from my childhood,” Chance The Rapper tweeted. 

ATL series movie director Chris Robinson responded to Chance The Rapper’s assertion on Instagram, posting the trailer with a caption addressing ATL 2: “The Homecoming.”


While there isn’t an official release date for ATL 2: “Homecoming,” it may be coming sooner than we think. ATL 2 has been in the works since 2015, according to HipHopDX.

Hopefully  ATL 2 will be released in the near future. I’ve been waiting to see how New New (London) and Rashad’s (T.I.) relationship developed for the past 15 years! I also want to know how Ant (Ross) recovered from his gunshot wound and if Esquire (Long) was finally able to get a Picasso in house, but I digress… #IFYKYK.

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