Taraji P. Henson is the New Ms. Hannigan in NBC’s ‘Annie Live!’

Annie Live!

NBC’s new upcoming Annie Live! will feature Taraji P. Henson as the infamous orphanage caretaker we all hate to love. On Tuesday (June 8) NBC announced that the academy award winning actress will be playing the role of villainous Ms. Hannigan in their live version of the famed musical.

Henson has always dominated each role she’s played, making her a prime pick for the role of the mean ole’ Ms. Hannigan. Who could portray the kooky nightmarish orphanage caretaker that Annie escaped from after she was adopted by Daddy Warbucks other than Empire star Ms. Taraji P. Henson? 

Although Henson is an amazing actress she does have some big shoes to fill since Ms. Hannigan was originally played by the iconic comedian slash actress Carol Burnett.

“Carol Burnett, who brought Miss Hannigan to life in the classic 1982 movie, is someone I have studied and idolized as far back as I can remember,” said Henson in a statement. “So when the opportunity came to me to join NBC and this incredible group of producers, I jumped! Carol, I hope to do you proud!”

So far Henson is the first cast member to be announced, according to Entertainment Weekly. The hype surrounding the upcoming Annie is well deserved, and having Henson on the roster makes Annie Live! a must-see. 

As noted by Entertainment Weekly, “When we decided to bring back NBC’s holiday musical tradition, we were looking for something that was critically acclaimed and universally beloved — and while that’s definitely the case with ‘Annie,’ it absolutely applies to Taraji as well,” said Susan Rovner, chairman of NBCUniversal Television and Streaming’s entertainment content, in a statement. “Watching her take on this iconic role will be a thrill that has all the makings of must-watch television.” 

Annie Live! airs on Dec. 2 so mark your calendars now!

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