Four Questions That Need To Be Answered In “Ginny and Georgia” Season 2

Ginny and Georgia

As soon as it was reported on Monday (April 19) that the Netflix hit show “Ginny and Georgia” would be renewed for season two fans have been overjoyed. Many, including myself, were excited that the dynamic mommy-daughter duo would be back in action again.

From the first episode to the cliff-hanging finale, “Ginny and Georgia” was a rollercoaster ride that had you clutching your pearls at every turning point and flashback. The entire first season sparked a whirlwind of emotions as we watched the relationship of Ginny and her mother Georgia unravel upon them moving to their new home in New England.

Each episode unveils the darker side of Mama Georgia and spotlights the common adolescent struggles experienced by her biracial daughter Ginny, both of which strains their initially strong bond. Through Ginny’s (Antonia Gentry) narration—and Georgia’s (Brianne Howey) flashbacks— we navigate through the lives of the two ladies.

While Ginny is dealing with the highs and lows of teenagehood, Georgia is battling her own childhood trauma while simultaneously scheming to provide a stable life for her children. Throughout the first season of “Ginny and Georgia” viewers were left with many “OMG!” moments—one being that Georgia murdered two of her husbands—and some lingering questions. As a “Ginny and Georgia” fan myself there are 4 questions that I, and I’m sure other fans, need answered in the upcoming second season

Does Ginny ever make it to her dad Zion’s house with her brother Austin?

Anyone who has watched the season finale knows that watching Ginny zoom off on her dad Zion’s (Nathan Mitchell) old motorcycle with her younger half-brother Austin(Diesel La Torraca) to her dad’s house was suspenseful. Being that Ginny was traveling to her dad’s house in a completely different city ON A MOTORCYCLE, I often wonder if she safely made it there with her little brother. I hope “Ginny and Georgia” expounds on Ginny’s journey on the way there, as well as her dad’s reception when Ginny and her half-brother arrive. 

What is happening with MANG?

Ahh the frenemy all-girl friend group’s slow climb to their implosion definitely was a sight to see. The popular quartet composed of Maxine(Sara Waisglass)— a.k.a Max —Abby(Katie Douglas), Norah(Chelsea Clark) and the newly added Ginny was a clear reminder of how toxic high school friendships can be. Despite Max genuinely wanting to befriend Ginny, it was evident that Abby and Norah’s acceptance of Ginny was merely because friend leader Maxine pressured them to. 

Abby and Norah not only turned on Ginny early in the friendship, but Abby also slapped her during a heated argument that she instigated! Maxine was Ginny’s only true friend within the entire MANG crew, however their friendship was completely ruined after Max found out about Ginny’s secret love affair with her twin brother Marcus. The disintegration of Maxine’s and Ginny’s friendship became a group spectacle after Ginny confronted a cold-acting Maxine about the shift in their friendship during and intermission at Maxine’s play. 

The entire interaction was awkward and a bit embarrassing when Maxine completely publicized Ginny and Marcus’ (Felix Mallard) sexual relationship to the rest of their friend group, which included Ginny’s boyfriend Hunter. After that entire ordeal “Ginny and Georgia” needs to address the elephant that will most likely be in the room between Ginny, the MAN clan, and Hunter (Mason Temple)in season two. 

Technically MAN is now down to just MN since Max also cutoff Abby alongside Ginny. Once Ginny accused Abby of telling Max about her and Marcus during their group argument Maxine felt equally betrayed by Abby as she did Ginny, thus Abby getting the boot. Will there be a reconciliation of MANG?, who’s to say… but I do think “Ginny and Georgia” needs to provide fans with some closure.

Does Private Investigator Gabriel Cordova finally give up or is he coming harder?

Midway through the first season we were introduced to Private Investigator Cordova (Alex Mallari Jr.), a hired hand from Georgia’s late husband’s ex-wife. In the ex-wife’s attempt to keep Georgia from getting the fortune that she and her late ex-husband built, she hires PI Cordova to look into Georgia’s background and her ex-husband’s death. 

Whew —and does he go to great lengths to do his job! Mr. Cordova even goes as far as employing Georgia’s estranged half-sister Maddie (Kelly McCormack) to get some incriminating information on Georgia. Although Cordova works hard, Georgia works harder, throwing Cordova off his game every time he closes in on getting enough evidence to possibly get her indicted. 

While Cordova did uncover Georgia’s dark past life as Mary his biggest concern extends beyond just exposing her real identity. Cordova wants to prove that Georgia killed her late husband by using a poisonous plant that she just so happens to grow in her garden, hence why Cordova wanted to exhume his body. Of course being one step ahead like normal, Georgia arranges to make the body disappear, stumping Cordova and viewers. With that being said…WHAT IS CORDOVA’S NEXT MOVE AND WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BODY?

Who is Austin’s father?

While the series main focal point is Ginny and Georgia, the littlest star Austin doesn’t go unnoticed. Ginny’s adorable and innocently shy half-brother Austin seems to take a backseat to the lives of her and Georgia until towards the end of the first season. One of the most important things to Austin was exchanging letters with his imprisoned father, something Austin excitedly does often. 

When Austin found, inadvertently, that his letters to his father weren’t actually being mailed to him, and the letters he received from him weren’t real he was shattered. Although Austin’s dad was referred to throughout the season, I couldn’t help but notice that every time Georgia mentioned him she never said his name, however did mention he was wrongfully imprisoned. That alone has me questioning who the heck is Austin’s dad and why is he wrongfully imprisoned!

I definitely will be tuning in season two to see how all of the above will be addressed!

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