Doja Cat Drops Her New Single ‘TRASH MAN’ On SoundCloud

Doja Cat

Doja Cat has always been an entertaining social media personality in addition to being a great music artist. Even after the fame Doja Cat remains very active with fans on social media, continuing to engage in trolling behavior from time to time. 

Many of us follow Doja Cat on social media for sneak peaks of upcoming music, and to see videos of her creating music in real-time. Sometimes the songs Doja Cat creates on Instagram Live are straight bops, like her unreleased song “Up & Down,” while other songs like “Moo” are just trolling songs that are unintentionally bops.

Just like “Moo,” Doja Cat’s new single “TRASH MAN” may just be another trolling song that ironically becomes a smash hit, and possibly a song on her new album. On Saturday (March 27) Doja Cat dropped the synth-pop single “TRASH MAN” on SoundCloud, implying that the song would be on her upcoming album “Planet Her” in a same-day tweet.

“workin on planet her rn here’s a sneak peek,” Doja Cat tweeted alongside a clip of her vibing to her song “TRASH MAN.” 

While the song has a catchy beat, Doja Cat’s simple song lyrics were quite random since the song was mostly about the life of a sanitation worker. Although there is nothing wrong with rapping about sanitation workers, or wanting to ride on their garbage truck, Doja Cat’s lyrical approach to the song seemed playful rather than serious. 

Being that Doja Cat is known for jokes—like promising to show her boobs if “Say So” went number one—“TRASH MAN” is most likely one of her jokes. Nevertheless, “TRASH MAN” is still a good listen if you can tune out the lyrics and just enjoy the music production. Some fans love the song and would like to see “TRASH MAN” become a smash hit. Other fans think that the “TRASH MAN” instrumental is what will be used for “Planer Her.”

“wait what if the trash man instrumental is from a song on planet her @DojaCat

Irrespective of your opinion of “TRASH MAN,” at least Doja Cat is working on the much-awaited “Planet Her” album.

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