Doja Cat Drops The Visual For ‘Streets’–Stars ‘Queen Sugar’ Actor Kofi Siriboe

Kofi Siriboe

Doja Cat’s visual for her hit song “Streets” is finally out and it includes the sexy “Queen Sugar” actor and “Girls Trip” breakout star Kofi Siriboe as the leading man. The hit song is featured on Doja Cat’s 2019 album “Hot Pink.”

Directed by Christian Breslauer, the sensual “Streets” music video chronicles the fantasy of Doja Cat’s taxi driver—played by Kofi Siriboe—as he envisions different scenarios of erotic encounters with Doja Cat. In each scene of his fantasy Doja Cat is seducing him, exhibiting her sexuality and fueling his carnal desire. Everything that is happening in the music visual is a complete figment of Siriboe’s imagination.

Between Siriboe’s intense gazes at Doja and Doja incorporating TikTok culture into her music video, “Streets” was four and a half minutes of pure magic. Doja Cat sliding in the TikTok version of “Streets” and performing the viral Silhouette Challenge in her music visual also sparked great appreciation from fans.

“I love how she acknowledges TikTok. Like the Say So dance and the silhouette challenge here. It’s almost sportsmanship,” a YouTube user commented. 

Some fans even commended her for performing the Silhouette Challenge in the video, giving her props for commanding the TikTok trend that derived from her song “Streets.”

“The way she ate up the tiktok trend, there literally ain’t no one like her,” another YouTuber commented. 

Other fans were just mesmerized by Siriboe’s beauty and the electric crystal stare he was giving Ms.Doja during his fantasy. 

“Doja Cat and this fine black man, Kofi Siriboe in “Streets” Whew! THIS PART!!!!,” one Twitter user tweeted. 


Another Twitter used tweeted, “If my man doesn’t look at me the way Kofi Siriboe was eyeing Doja Cat I DON’T WANT HIM,” alongside a GIF from the music video of Siriboe looking at Doja Cat through the shop window while he was in the taxi.

The overall cinematography of the video was captivating and the chemistry between Siriboe and Doja Cat was palpable. Not to mention Doja Cat scaling the wall like a sexy black widow spider towards Sirboe who is literally stuck in a web was epic as well.

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