Azealia Banks Audio Sex Tape Is Being Resold For $275 Million

Azealia Banks and her fiancé Ryder Ripps’ audio sex tape is sold as a NFT—Non-fungible token—for over $18,000 to an anonymous artist by the name of Rulton Fyder.

Titled “I F**KED RYDER RIPPS,” the 24-minute long audio which captured the couples sexual encounter was auctioned on the blockchain by Ripps on March 6 for 10.00 ETH or $18,512. Eight hours later the salacious audio was bought by Fyder for the same listing price, according to the NFT Foundation website.

Fyder is now reselling the explicit audio sex tape on the blockchain for 150,000 ETH or $275 million. Azealia Banks commented on the resale, posting a screenshot of Fyder’s NFT posting with the caption, “Literally- the most expensive NFT ever. Don’t you love how We came saw and conquered this shit in a matter of 48hrs? The fucking iconnery @ryder_ripps.”

If you are familiar with Banks, then you already know that she creates her own lane and is always on to the new thing. With the success of her first NFT it is safe to say there may be more NFT’s from Banks to come. 

Those that are still wondering what a NFT is, a “NFT is an entry on a blockchain, the same decentralized digital ledger technology that underlies cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. But unlike most bitcoin–which is fungible, meaning that one coin is essentially indistinguishable from another and equivalent in value–tokens on these blockchains are non-fungible. That means they are unique, so they can represent one-of-a-kind things, like a rare William Shatner headshot or even the title to a piece of real estate,” according to Forbes. 

What is more unique than an audio sex tape from a hip-hop star? Although Banks may be the first person to sell a sex tape as NFT, she isn’t the only celebrity to utilize NFT’s. Other notable celebrities hopping on the NFT bandwagon alongside Banks also include Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, NBA superstar Lebron James and popstar Grimes. 

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