ColourPop Launches A New “Lizzie McGuire” Inspired Cosmetic Line


ColourPop Cosmetics is definitely helping bring back the Y2K aesthetic with the launch of their Lizzie McGuire inspired cosmetic line! On Monday (March 22) the colorful cosmetic company reveals that the star of their latest collaboration is the animated version of Lizzie from the early 2000’s Disney television series “Lizzie McGuire!” 

The memorable series ran from 2001-2004, spinning off into the feature film “The Lizzie McGuire Movie” in 2003. Those unfamiliar with the series read on for a recap, however I know most people born before 1995 will be able to recall this show fondly without the following synopsis.

Disney’s “Lizzie McGuire,” which starred a teenage Hilary Duff, was a kid friendly show about navigating adolescence, junior high school and friendships from the perspective of lead protagonist Lizzie McGuire. As Lizzie goes about her daily life, oftentimes awkwardly, her inner thoughts are expressed through a cartoon version of herself breaking the fourth wall instead of saying them out loud.

Alongside tuning in to see the funny slash relatable scenarios Lizzie fell into, the cute accessories, hairdos and makeup looks is what made the show the most worthwhile. ColourPop Cosmetics is utilizing the popular Y2K makeup style that was the defining aesthetic of Lizzie McGuire, and other notable characters on the show, for their latest collaborative makeup line.   

Glitter eyeshadow, poppin’ lipgloss and shimmery blush is all a part of ColourPop’s Disney Lizzie McGuire Collection. What way to bring back the Y2K makeup trend other than with glitter? Additionally, ColourPop naming the Lizzie McGuire inspired eyeshadow palette “What Dreams are Made of”—the climatic song that Lizzie McGuire (Hilary Duff) sung in “The Lizzie McGuire Movie”—was chef’s kiss.

Although ColourPop won’t launch their Disney Lizzie McGuire Collection for purchase until Friday (March 26), many people are still hyped that the new ColourPop collaboration is even happening. 

“ can’t be…you telling me ColorPop Cosmetics is about to make my childhood fantasy come true? A Lizzie McGuire line???? *screams in 12 year old me*,” one Twitter user said.

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