LA Rapper G Perico Dropped New Projects While Battling COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has altered all of our lives, causing a hindrance for many of us. Although COVID-19 has impacted us in various ways, some individuals are pushing forward without pause. 

Los Angeles rapper G Perico announces on Twitter that he was battling COVID-19 for multiple weeks while still completing projects and music. G Perico has continued to give his fans quality cali-style music, keeping west coast’s gangster rap format as the foundation of his records.

Amid the pandemic—and his own fight with COVID-19—G Perico has released a full album titled “Welcome to the Land,” subsequently dropping two LA centric music videos for songs “Welcome to the Land” and “Talk About It.”

G Perico is a true trooper in Los Angeles and in the hip-hop game. Each new G Perico record maintains the same traditional LA energy that makes southern west coast rap so distinctive and powerful. From when he was independent until his recent deal with Roc Nation, G Perico has represented LA to the fullest, incorporating signature images of the west coast into all of his music videos. 

“Welcome to the Land”— the first song on his album and latest music video release — visually takes you on a journey of the LA street life with G Perico as the narrator. The Cadillac, palm trees and shots of Inglewood that were included in the “Welcome to the Land” visual provide a concrete imagery of life in South Central, leaving an imprint on the viewer.

For those who have an affinity for throwback ’90s west coast rap, specifically gangster rap, then G Perico’s entire “Welcome to the Land” album will definitely be up your alley. With his own unique flow that has a slight resemblance to Nipsey Hussle, G Perico’s bold reality raps will take you on an unforgettable ride. 

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