Rebecca Black Releases New ‘Friday’ Remix On The 10th Anniversary Of Her Viral Song ‘Friday’


Tight skinny jeans, bump-it hair styles, colorful Vans, the heavily EDM produced pop music and the exponential growth of social media epitomizes the early 2010’s. Many of us can recall the best music and most cringe worthy songs from the early half of the decade upon random bouts of nostalgia. 

Although the quality of the first half of the 2010’s music scene is debatable, one thing for certain is that the intro into the 2010’s contained some unforgettable music. Among the memorable songs of the early 2010’s is Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” an infectious party pop song that celebrated the onset of the weekend, beginning with Friday.

While this song may be deep in the subconscious of your psyche, if you think long enough you’ll eventually remember the viral song alongside the parodies that followed the release of the “Friday” music video.

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the “Friday” 2011 release, Rebecca Black has revamped her one-hit with a new aesthetic and more electro-pop sound in the 2021 “Friday” Remix. The now 23-year-old singer transforms the original cute bubblegum teen friendly song and music video into a techno pop tune accompanied with visuals that depict Black’s more sensual side.

Ironically, Black dropping it like it’s hot in a black latex leotard while rocking a long blue braid ponytail, black blunt bangs and long pointy nails isn’t the most notable part of the music visual. Although Black is presenting a grown and sexy version of herself in the music video, Black’s new look is a bit overshadowed by Dorian Electra in a creepy clown costume that highly resembles the horror character “It.”

Despite the eccentric costuming, strobe lights and heavy animation incorporation, the overall remix isn’t half bad. The song also includes great features from the queen of bounce music Big Freedia and EDM duo 30H!3, adding more sauciness to the revived “Friday” record.

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