Oreos: You Can Dip Them, Lick Them and Air Fry Them

Oreos have been around for generations, and used as a main course dessert or dessert accessory. Milkshakes, brownies, ice cream, cookies, cakes. If a dessert recipe called for cookies or cookie crumbles best believe Oreos were more than likely the cookies used. 

There is practically nothing that you could do to Oreos to make them less appetizing—unless you were bent on doing so—however there are ways to enhance their deliciousness. According to the latest TikTok trend, if you air fry your Oreos you’ll take your cookie eating experience up a notch. 

Hasan Hamad ignited the TikTok air fryer Oreo trend after he posted a TikTok video frying a pancake batter dipped Oreo in the air fryer on his TikTok account @hasaneats. Now the concept of frying an Oreo isn’t new, fried Oreos have been a thing at fairs for many years—introduced in 2004 by Charlie Boghosian at the LA County Fair.

Hamad, however, has taught deep fried Oreo lovers that you don’t have to wait until the next county fair to enjoy a fried Oreo as long as you have an air fryer. In case they didn’t know already. Since Hamad has posted his viral fried Oreo hack, the video has gotten over 4.2 million views and almost 300,000 likes, sparking many copycat TikTok videos. 

Individualizing the TikTok trend, TikTok user @stephgigliotti28 fried her Oreo in the air fryer—but wrapped in cinnamon roll dough instead of drenched in pancake batter like Hamad and others.

Even 109 years after its inception, Oreo cookies still are consistently one of America’s most used and enjoyed commercial cookies. Americans have gone from dipping Oreos in milk, to frying them in air fryers. With each new decade there becomes a new way to make Oreos tastier than they already are. And I am totally here for it!

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