McDonald’s Sprite Isn’t Spicy For These Reasons


Drinking a Sprite from McDonald’s is like swallowing a lightning bolt dipped in high fructose corn syrup. Despite it burning when going down, the flavor of the McDonald’s Sprite is still delicious and compliments practically any entrée on their menu—hence why it’s their most popular drink. 

While many enjoy the strong soda from the fast-food restaurant, there are a lot of McDonalds-goers that are weighing in on the power of the McDonald’s Sprite on Twitter. It seems like every so often McDonald’s Sprite begins trending on Twitter, reemerging as the center of discussion because of its iconicness. 

“Mcdonald’s sprite is trending, as it should.” someone tweeted. “It smacks…literally. that first sip hits spiritually lol.”

The soft drink from the fast food restaurant is getting much praise, in addition to sparking much curiosity from people wondering what exactly is in the McDonald’s Sprite recipe. “I need a documentary on how Mcdonald’s Sprite is created cause aint no way my eyes [have] been watering for 2 hours straight off one sip,” someone tweeted.

I mean anything that tastes like a sweetened electric shock has to have some special ingredients right? Apparently the way the fast food chain whips up the lemon-lime soda at their restaurants is the reason why their Sprite is significantly more potent.

McDonald’s Sprite has a higher ratio of syrup concentrate (sugar) to carbonated water, which increases the tastiness of their restaurant made soda, according to Spoon University. So essentially you’re drinking an overly sugarfied version of seltzer water. Since the fast food company’s Sprite has a higher sugar content it induces cravings, making it harder to give up their Sprite although it tastes like you’re swallowing sweet acid.

Amping up their Sprite recipe beyond making it extra sugary, McDonalds also filters the water through a high-end filtration system to make their Sprite extra crisp. The system includes a routine maintenance program that ensures that the McDonald’s Sprite is always in excellent condition, according to Spoon University.

Even the ice that McDonald’s created for their Sprite is so unique that it has you wishing you could take it home in a bag. The fast food company always keeps their ice at a predetermined temperature which enables it to melt perfectly in your cup McDonald’s Sprite. Everything about McDonald’s Sprite making tactics makes their drink more irresistible and addictive.

Enjoying a Sprite from the fast food chain or elsewhere is okay occasionally, however too much Sprite drinking will deteriorate your health. Excessive Sprite consumption will cause tooth enamel erosion, high blood pressure and mouth irritation. Additionally too much Sprite ingestion could cause DNA damage—the soda has been linked to neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, according to SheFinds.

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