“What’s Poppin’ Rapper Jack Harlow Get His Own Poppin’ Holiday

Jack Harlow

Rapper Jack Harlow is a phenomenon that has swept a generation, and is the main topic within every social media conversation. His swagginess and cool persona has captivated young women, especially young women of color, and earned him respect from his male counterparts.

The What’s Poppin’ rapper has gotten so much hype from being his quirky self, to stopping his show for a fan in need that his popularity is now at an all time high. Jack Harlow’s popularity is so hefty that he now has his own day in his hometown Louisville, Kentucky. HIS OWN DAY.

On Instagram Jack Harlow shared his certificate which stated that December 18 is officially his day in his hometown. Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer signed the certificate himself, and made a reference to Harlow’s breakout song What’s Poppin’ in the certificate. 

“The City of Louisville honors Jack Harlow for answering, once and for all, that what’s poppin’ is Louisville when it comes to talent that makes it bigger than big, but doesn’t forget the ‘home’ in hometown or homegrown. The rapper’s way with words and beats has earned him untold fans, chart-topping releases, and an ability to give back in meaningful ways, and he does. Our city is excited and proud to observe December 18, 2021, as Jack Harlow Day in Louisville,” the certificate said.

The amount he gives back to his community is the reason why he’s deserving of his special day.

“Jack’s efforts to give back to his hometown have included donations to local nonprofits, a visit to his alma mater, and an in-city No Place Like Home Tour giving natives multiple chances to see him perform live at some of the city’s historic venues,” according to UPROXX.

A rapper getting their own holiday may appear as an anomaly, however Harlow’s achievement isn’t an isolated occurrence. Particularly if said rapper is extremely philanthropic in their city like how Harlow is. DMX, Travis Scott, Nas and Lil Nas X have all been acknowledged in their respective cities with days dedicated to them.

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