Mariah Carey Delights Fans With Her McDonald’s Merry Menu

Mariah Carey

Maybe you don’t want a lot for Christmas. Maybe it’s just some food you need. Maybe you  only have to spend a dollar at McDonald’s and get something from Mariah Carey for free! McDonald’s latest collaboration is with the Queen of Christmas. Mariah Carey will be giving away 1 featured item from the menu when customers spend at least a dollar.

This collaboration is a bit different from the others in the past. Collaborations with other artist are focused on unique item pairings. The collaboration with Oakland rapper Saweetie featured a meal with a big mac, fries,  a 4-piece nugget and a sprite. Mariah, however, is only asking folks to spend a dollar and receive some of her favorite items.  

December 13 was the launch day of the 12 day promotion, with one item being featured a day. The items are some of the “Fantasy” singers favorite. Carey describes her visits to McDonald’s are filled with memories with her kids. Her favorites include the double cheese burger with extra pickles. 

Mariah also offered a free beanie or t-shirt to the first 10,000 exclusive members to sign up on the app. By the looks of it those beanie’s and shirts went to Mariah’s dedicated fans, the  Lambs. Mariah’s die hards were ready to enjoy all the exclusive deals, a lot of Mariah’s  international fans were devastated to learn the menu was only offered in the US. 

The chance to get free items from the menu will end Christmas Eve with the chocolate chip cookies, so rush to your nearest golden arches before it’s too late. My advice is to enjoy this collaboration because according to her latest interview with Rolling Stone she won’t be going on tour! 

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