TikTok Enters the Food Lane With Virtual Restaurant


The 60-second digital content platform extends their reach to food with the launch of a TikTok menu, partnering with Virtual Dining Concepts. TikTok will become the first social media platform to own a chain of restaurants. 

The video sharing platform has seen much success with food sharing videos, taking in over 1 billion views worldwide with most of those views dedicated to food based content. It only makes sense to tap into the restaurant market.  

Teaming up with Virtual Dining Concepts, TikTok’s business model is built off the delivery only model, similar to the ghost kitchen model. A lot of restaurants are leaning towards the delivery only model in the era of COVID. The concept of pickup and delivery only restaurants isn’t new, it’s just being sensationalized. Mr. Beast Burgers and DJ Khaled have seen much success with the launch of their respective restaurants.  

TikTok plans are wide spread, with 1,000 restaurants opening across the country by 2022. The menu will change quarterly, offering food items that goes viral on the platform. Food influencers will  even have an opportunity to capitalize off their recipes that go viral with TikTok devoting profits.    

Next year we’ll see how successful this kitchen is, and what innovation it will inspire in it’s  competitors. Instagram Ice Cream shops? A Facebook bakery? Twitter teas (oooooh that’s a  good one)!!

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