The Reese’s Brand Launches Their New Chocolatey University

The Hershey’s brand has decided to extend it’s efforts to academia. Kind of. The peanut butter-chocolate candy brand will launch their fictional university with a real mascot, the Fighting Cuppie. has details of admissions rates, which is 99.9%, and the number of H.B.  Reese’s scholars. The only  thing that’s missing from the landing page is the rate of tuition, and whether or not they accept  FAFSA.

There’s a bunch of engaging copy on the RU web page page about course study, where RU promises to put the students first, making it very intriguing. Although RU seems interesting, I need some questions answered. Are any of the programs accredited? How, and in what form will refund checks be dispersed ? Is there a student activities department? Are the D9  fraternities and sororities allowed to start chapters on campus? Are the graduation cap and gowns are orange and brown? Do alumni get free Reese’s cups or Reese’s pieces during the homecoming tailgate?  

While I’m absolutely equipped to play along with the running joke, I have to reiterate this is a fictional school.  RU seems to be a brilliant marketing campaign to revitalize excitement about the peanut-butter chocolate brand in an innovative way. Though thoroughly crafted, the website appears to only host generic information about the “university.”  

Reese’s University does plan to launch a “Student Store” in 2022, with merch that includes  images of the Fighting Cuppie that’s plastered all over their new social media page.  

The branding behind this idea undeniable. Using a fictional school and “selling it”, makes  consumers want to know more or wish it actually was real. It’s probably impossible to enroll in a chocolate chemistry class at Reese’s University, but we should definitely register to be students of their branding and take notes. 

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