Popeyes Launches a New Vegan Chick’n Sandwich in the UK


Love that plant-based chicken from Popeyes? No the slogan hasn’t changed, but Popeye’s cajun chicken restaurant menu has. Coming off the reign of their chicken sandwich run in 2019, Popeyes partnered with plant-based food company LIVEKINDLY Collective for the Creole Red Bean Sandwich.

Launched November 20, it’s alleged to be a fan favorite. The UK has been quite busy as a frontier for many new vegan options, first potato milk and now this. The Creole Sandwich ingredients include a blend of breaded fried red beans on a brioche bun. The chicken corporation definitely isn’t the first to start adding vegan options to their menu, it’s competitors, like Burger King and Carl’s Jr., offer beyond burgers on their menu for vegan customers.  

It’s no secret there’s been a cultural shift in the world’s diet with dairy milk sales dropping in whopping numbers. Over the last several years more fast food restaurants have been adding plant-based options to the menu, and Popeyes just wants to be apart of the shift.  

There are even some plant-based fast food restaurants popping up gradually, offering a menu for the vegan and vegetarian in mind. Plant-based has become so popular for it’s “healthy benefits” but when we think of fast food, health doesn’t come to mind. Despite it’s well intentions, fast food chains will always be more about a dollar than the health of it’s consumers.  

There seems to be a fight to stay relevant in the fast food chain. With the chicken sandwich war back in 2019 restaurants are always thinking of the habits of the consumer and this is no different. The question that stands is do these untimely changes hurt the Popeyes brand? Popeyes prides it’s self on being a chicken brand. The literal slogan is “love that chicken from Popeyes.”  

The vegan sandwich hasn’t hit the states yet, and there is no word of when but we’ll most likely line up for it. Not as long as the chicken sandwich line, but we’ll line up. 

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