No Cooking, No Clean-Up: Places to Buy Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s so odd Thanksgiving is here, seems like yesterday we were just meme-ing Kamala Harris’  quote “We did it Joe” and watching a black doctor causally come up with a chemical solution to remove gorilla glue from a woman’s head–Yeah it’s been a year.  

Thanksgiving signifies the end of the year and for most, it’s the designated time to  acknowledge exhaustion, further more, the remedy to exhaustion isn’t standing in lines at the grocery store fighting people for the last tin-foil pan or attempting to try any other type of cranberry sauce other then ocean spray.  

Here are a list of 5 places you can get a to-go plate if cooking just isn’t on the agenda this  week for a myriad of reasons that could involve exhaustion, inexperience or simply take-out instead.  

1. ) Cracker Barrell – The homestyle kitchen that’s honestly everywhere and nowhere, has a variety of Thanksgiving meals ready to feed a big size family or small. Their ready to heat meals are starting at $15.00 dollars per person and looks pretty good, including all the fixings.

2.) Boston Market – Boston Market has always been the home of ready to eat family dinners.  The baked chicken restaurant is offering ready to eat Thanksgiving kits ready to feed a family of  6 or $26. 

3.) Wholefoods – Wholefood offers heated and ready to heat meals that can be placed up to 24 hours in advance. They’re offering a meal for a family of 12, including a turkey and ham, or a smaller family meal with prime rib as the main course. There is also a’la carte sides available, including sweet potatoes and sweet potato pies.

4.) Albertsons – You can pick select items that you want for your meal of 10 or more with  plenty of Thanksgiving options.

5. Omaha Steaks – Let’s you be the chooser with items ready for selection like turkey, ham  steakhouse cauliflower gratin and pear butter cakes. Look like depending on the amount of  your purchase you may even qualify for an additional free protein. This order can be placed  online or in-store.

We’re already days away from Thanksgiving so if you haven’t already, please place the orders and enjoy! 

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