Paris Hilton’s Netflix Series ‘Cooking With Paris’ Is Totally Hot

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Paris Hilton’s various occupations have always been of great interest to the masses ever since she became the leading “It Girl” in the early 2000’s. Professional party girl, fashion model, reality TV star and DJ are just a few titles for the multi-hyphenate cultural icon.

The entrepreneurial Ms. Hilton is ping-ponging back to reality TV, or in this case reality streaming, as she headlines her latest series “Cooking With Paris.” Paris Hilton’s Netflix series, which first began last year as a YouTube series by the same name, features the “That’s Hot” catchphrase originator cooking in grandiose gowns and high fashion. 

Hilton’s glamorousness is what makes the show standout from the other cooking series on Netflix, and is something to be totally expected from Paris Hilton. Only Ms. Hilton could make cooking in diamonds and an extravagant dress with feathers seem like suitable chef attire. 

The superstar socialite isn’t a trained chef nor a self-taught cook, however that isn’t stopping her from hopping in the kitchen and trying out recipes from her personalized bedazzled cookbook. Unironically, Paris Hilton’s outfits in “Cooking With Paris” often look more appealing than the food she is preparing, but that might change if there is a second season. 

The way Hilton naively indulges in culinary activities on “Cooking With Paris” is funny, entertaining and is highly reminiscent of her 2003-2007 reality series “The Simple Life.” Paris’ playful approach to cooking and carefree persona is what makes “Cooking With Paris” so charismatic, and a must-see show. 

“It’s definitely not your average cooking show,” Hilton tells Delish. “I’m not a professional or trained chef, so I’m learning a lot in the kitchen as I go.” 

As Ms. Hilton embarks on her cooking journey she will have help from celebrity friends like rapper Saweetie, Kim Kardashian and comedian Nikki Glaser. I wonder if they’d stop her if she’d try to make bacon with an iron…

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